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fredag 20 november 2015

Khomeini teachers to all the terrorist organization in the world, called the imam terrrorist

Khomeini teachers to all the terrorist organization in the world, called the imam terrrorist.
klick to this linke to see video about khomeinis terror
Imam terrorist ,, khomeini are all terrorist and extremists father worldwide.
In 1979 the world's first largest terrorist leader took power in Iran who called themselves Khomeini which had well-organized terrorist groups. you can say Khomeini al Baghdadi's father, Ibrahim Awad Ibrahim learned of Khomeini to behead people.

When he took over the Iranian people began to clear and execute many Iranian people who did not like him.
Khomeini's terror organization that is the world's biggest terrorists, began in European countries first terror happened in France iran murdered Dr. Shah Pour Bakhtiar, a few years after Iran made a terror to the Dr. Abdul Rahman Qasemlo in Austria capital city. a year after the terror in Austria Iran made a new terror against Dr. Kazem Rajavi in Geneva, Iran has made lots terrorist attempts in Iraq, Pakistan and Turkey, although Iran has organized a terrorist organization called itself hezbullah in southern Lebanon against the Israeli people.
many times hezbullah attacked Israelis.
Kurdistan in northern Iraq, Iran, has killed more than 500 people Kurdish movement of members of the Kurdish freedom organization pdki, Komala and PJAK.
 Iranian terrorist organization has made numerous kidnapping and killing many Kurdish north of Iraq.
Iran has made a terrorist to Italy in Ruma against Dr Mohammed Hussien naghdi.
In Germany, Iran has made two terrorist attacks against Iranian and Kurdish peoples, September 17, 1992 Iran killed Dr. Sadigh Sharafkandi pdki leaders of the Kurdish freedom organization leaders in Berlin called mykonus terror.
Iran still attacking Iranian refugees living in the refugee mode called Liberty outside Baghdad.
Imam terrorist today to see what happens in the world, when Jimy Carter gave khomeini 79 million dollars was not thinking about what will happen in the future?

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