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torsdag 26 november 2015

TEV-DEM Executive: We have documents of Turkey-ISIS cooperation

TEV-DEM Executive: We have documents of Turkey-ISIS cooperation.

Rojava’s TEV-DEM (Movement For A Democratic Society) Executive Committee member Ferhad Dêrik stated that they have documents proving a cooperation between the Turkish state and ISIS gangs.

Speaking to ANHA (Hawar News Agency), TEV-DEM Executive Committee member Ferhad Dêrik made significant evaluations regarding the Turkish state’s approach hostile to Rojava and the support it provides to gang groups which have changed into military attacks since 24 October.
TEV-DEM executive pointed out that the Turkish state has been involved in every attack that has targeted West Kurdistan territory from Dêrik to Efrîn since the beginning of the Rojava revolution.
Ferhad Dêrik noted that the people of Rojava now expect a retaliation to the Turkish army’s recently increased provocative attacks against their land, adding; “On the excuse of such attacks, Turkey aims to occupy the Rojava land.”
According to theTEV-DEM executive, it was a kind of death for the Turkish state and AKP government whose plans all failed when Girê Spî was cleared of ISIS gangs by YPG and Burkan Al-Fırat forces on 15 June.
Dêrik pointed out that they have documents proving the Turkish state’s support to ISIS and the cooperation between the two. He said these documents reveal the facts that Turkey opened all its border crossings for ISIS members; that it provided arms, ammunition and logistic support to them; that gang members were taken to Turkey for treatment; and that it bought oil from the gangs.
“The Turkish state should eventually accept the fact all the peoples of Syria and international powers consider YPG to be the major force fighting ISIS and terrorist forces”, said Ferhat Dêrik, noting that the Turkish army’s currently ongoing attacks against YPG positions is also an evidence to the Turkish state’s support and protection of the gangs.
Urging the Turkish state to give an end to its hostile approach and practices against YPG, Dêrik also put emphasis on the essentiality of the AKP government’s ending its support to the gang groups.
TEV DEM Executive Committee member Ferhad Dêrik also called upon all the forces within the international anti-ISIS coalition, France in the first place, to put more pressure on Turkey in order for it to stop supporting gang groups and abandon the hostile policy against Rojava.

Source: Firat News Agency

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