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söndag 15 november 2015

We stand with french peoples

We stand with french peoples
Regarding the attack on Paris yesterday has probably left it untouched.

We have been following the news and according to these isis / Islamists so they want to wipe out all of France because France at war with Isis in Syria plus has strict rules regarding the burqa veil, etc. which resulted in the man may not go public with these garments. So now you want to Isis revenge.
They think religion belongs in the home.
Hands up to France and all other countries which followed their rules.
Plus they have closed their borders.
Large silver lining for France that they are opposed to these barbarians hard against hard, and I wish SWEDEN does the same.
Hope more waking everyone who wanted to have open borders. Hope you know what you are about to.
Man or no man tastier because you want open borders, but rather completely blown according to me (sorry)
And irresponsible contractor we have seen time and time again what can happen.
As long as one can not see the difference between a real refugee and isiskrigare plus just men come here, I want to shut down immediately. Help on location more people and obliterate Isis.
My friends from the Middle East we think would be closed long ago.
This paved the way for war even for us.
They warn of big collections type Concerts Christmas shopping Gothia Cup liseberg etc. etc.
This I said a couple of year ago we would have problems but then came rasistämpeln forward.
Right now I care very little about it, my family, friends mean more one these barbaric monsters.
Then one religion, no race.

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