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lördag 28 november 2015

Sweden Democrats founded by Nazi and anti off ers and anti-Semitic party

Sweden Democrats founded by Nazi and anti off ers and anti-Semitic party
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LO in Sweden A selection of the sources of the film: The Administrative Centre of the concentration camp of terror, Morsch, Gunther, and Ohm, Agnes, 2015
Sachsenhausen concentration camp, Morsch, Gunther and Ley, Astrid, 2013
Topography of Terror, Stiftung Topographie des Terrors, 2014
Expo, the magazine, No. 1, 2015
Expo Gallery
Nazism in Sweden 1924-1979, Helene Lööw, 2004
Nazism in Sweden 1980-1999, Helene Lööw, 1998-1999
Swedish Hitler's SS soldiers, letters and diaries, Schön, Bosse, 2014
Blågul Nazism, a documentary about the Swedish national socialism of Karl-Axel Jansson, Ingemar Schmid, Tommy Wiberg and Maidi Eriksson, 1993. Submit on SVT in 1995 and 2004.
Standort- und Kommandanturbefehle des Konzentrationslagers Auschwitz 1940-1945, Saur, KG, 2000
Zentrale des Terrors, Tuchel, John, Schattenfroh, Reinold, 1987
National Archives and Records Administration, NARA, A3355
Bundesarchiv Amt R Karteikarte des NSDStB, Gustaf Ekström
Photography, Lützowstraße 48, by courtesy of Leo Beck Institute, New York, Heinrich Stahl Collection
The National Archives, Gustaf Sigvard Ekström act in the Security Services Archive
The National Archives, Thorwald Elof Calais act in the Security Services Archive
Sweden Democrats - the national movement, Stieg Larsson, Ekman Mikael, 2001
Newsweek, 11 February 200, Extensive evidence against the Nazis
Swedes in the war 1914-1945, Gyllenhaal, and Lars Westberg, Lennart, 2008
Aftonbladet, September 7, 2014, Make thumbs up racist pages
SR Caliber April 5, 2009: "Olof Palme went to the cinema" - if the jargon in SD
Aftonbladet, September 9, 2014, SD-top resigns after racist posts
SR P4, August 22, 2014, Timeout SD politicians - P4 Malmöhus
CNN debate, October 19, 2009, Muslims are our biggest foreign threat, piece by Jimmie Akesson
Daily News, April 7, 2014, Firefighters drive off fire trucks in protest against SD
Sydsvenska Dagbladet, April 22 2005, Ex-Nazis may stay in Sd
Kristianstadsbladet, September 6, 2007, untruths about the Sweden Democrats, opinion Jonathan Lindborg Chairman of the Sweden Democrats Hässleholm
Expo, the Sweden Democrats' White Paper, Björn Söder rejoice when notorious Nazi connects to the party
Daily News, April 7, 2014, letters of protest against Jimmie Åkesson from firefighters in Malmö
The Express, July 1, 2014, SD men's secret ties to the Nazis
Expo, September 6, 2014, Zero Tolerance is just on paper
LO's website, May 1 2014 Karl-Petter Thorwald's first majtal
Radio Sweden, May 1 2014 Echo reports on Karl-Petter Thorwald's first majtal
Radio Sweden, May 1 2014 Echo reports on Karl-Petter Thorwald's first majtal, 14:02 - Death threats against firefighters
Daily News, March 29, 2014, SD's offensive leading to protests in hospitals and schools
Today's Work, April 9, 2014, Hopeful protests against SD
Sydsvenskan, April 3, 2014, employees at the Skåne University killings threatened by SD-critical posts at Sydsvenskan
ETC, February 4, 2014, Minutes from the formation of the Sweden Democrats
Expo February 6, 2013 Help us remind SDs history
Expressen on September 7, 2014 Here is SDs dark background of Nazism
Daily News, April 26 2011, the Sweden Democrats - the history and ideology
Expo, January 14, 2011, SD So lying about its history
Expo, January 14, 2011, the Sweden Democrats and Nazism
Aftonbladet, September 20, 2010, Sweden conceded hatred
Expo, the Sweden Democrats violence, hatred and racism that the party wants us to forget
Corren, February 27, 2010, SD is rooted in racist BSS
SVT, April 8, 2015, Prime Minister of Norway: SD has a background in neo-Nazism
Expressen, December 22, 2013, 30 years of violence and intimidation
Newsweek, October 12, 2000, Björn Söderberg honored throughout the country
Dagens Medicin, November 8, 2007, Medical Student neo - murdered trade unionist
The worker, 8 October 2009, To murdered Björn Söderberg
Newsweek, February 11, 2000, Comprehensive evidence against the Nazis
TV4, Crimea Archives, the murder of Björn Söderberg - Police first statement
P3 Documentary, March 15 2009, the year neo-Nazis shook Sweden
Newsweek, December 1, 1999, secret e-mail connects attacks
Expressen, November 17, 2014, Hitler emails revealing SDs defense expert
Newsweek, November 17, 2014, SDS, defense experts sent Hitler-mail
Metro, November 17, 2014, SDS, defense experts have sent the Nazi propaganda
Nyheter24, September 11, 2013, SD-peak reported for hate speech
Expressen, January 2011, Jimmie Åkesson hard pressed by the BBC
Nyheter24, August 2, 2013 Death Threatened after notifying the Nazi sites
Newsweek, January 13, 2013, Racists threaten press freedom
Daily News, July 24, 2015, Thai Restaurant threatened when the SD port was
Expo, 8 October 2009, convicted murderer maps journalists
Daily News, June 28, 2013, Kent Ekeroth allows connection to Avpixlat
Daily News, December 14, 2014, The Smile nationalism
Expressen, January 6, 2015, south sixth among anti-Jewish events
Bundesarchiv, Barch, NS 33 SS Führungshauptamt "Verlegung der Dienststellen des SS-Hauptamtes von Berlin SW 1, Prinz-Albrecht-Strasse 9, nach Berlin W 35, Lützowstraße 48/49, Jan. 1941"
Local newspapers in Lund, Sweden, October 28, 2015, Fire outside accommodation identified by the Sweden Democrats
Expressen, 25 Novemeber 2015, Mattias Karlsson wrote for avpixlat
Daily News, 7 January 2015, the Central Jewish Council: "Björn Söder sham"
The Simon Wiesenthal Center, Top ten worst global antisemitic / anti-Israel incidents, 2014
Expo 2008, Sweden Democrats support the Nazis
Sweden Democrats' official twitter account, June 19, 2014, it is claimed that the SD was formed by the white power advocate, it is not true

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