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lördag 21 november 2015

Here are a terrorist target - in Sweden Terror Suspects Mutes Muthanna Majid planned a terrorist attack in Stockholm, according to the prosecutor.

Here are a terrorist target - in Sweden
Terror Suspects Mutes Muthanna Majid planned a terrorist attack in Stockholm, according to the prosecutor.

Majid has now been assigned a public defender.
Bribing Muthanna Majid, or Mother Mothama Magid as his name is written in the prosecutor's documents, is suspected of having prepared a terrorist attack in Stockholm. It is clear from the document Deputy Chief Prosecutor of the National Unit for safety, Hans Ihrman, submitted to the Stockholm District Court.
He is 22 years old and, according to Aftonbladet lived in Sweden since September.
In the prosecutor's request for the appointment of a public defender, the terror suspect's nationality omitted.
- Identity information is not fully secure, says Hans Ihrman, who has taken over responsibility as lead investigations, to
Asked whether it is the right person who is arrested is responsible Ihrman:
- So far, everything points to it.
Bribing Muthanna Majid has been assigned lawyer Ola Salomonsson at Stockholm District Court. The lawyer will assist him during questioning of the Security Police.
- A first hearing was held by the prosecution yesterday evening, shortly before 23 o'clock, said SAPO's press officer Sirpa Franzen said.
Defence Minister Peter Hultqvist (S) says to Expressen that Sweden is chasing more suspected terrorists, but do not want to say more about the matter. According to Säpo done more investigative measures and there may be more arrests.
Barricades at police headquarters in Skellefteå is claiming. Guard of the tightened significantly in connection with the arrest yesterday, but it is unclear whether this means that mutes the Muthanna Majid has been moved from the Security Service would however not safely visit was Mutes Muthanna Majid located.
In his Facebook profile appears Mutes Muthanna Majid as a normal 22-year-old. He has put up a long series of photos of herself, sometimes in the company of friends. Nothing gives the impression of a radicalized person or sympathies with the terrorist group Islamic State (IS).
As late as November last year was Majid in the IS-controlled Mosul in Iraq, as in the Facebook profile is said to be his hometown. After that, he has at some time around the end made it to Turkey. In January this year, he made an update from the city of Denizli. There he stayed, except for short trips to, among other things, the coastal town Maramis, until August, when he traveled to Istanbul.
In mid-September appear first sign that 22-year-old is in Sweden when he was updating Facebook from Märsta outside Stockholm. Just a few days later, he finds himself in Boliden, where he was arrested on Thursday evening. Several media reports that Majid lived in asylum accommodation in Boliden at least three weeks.
When police stormed the asylum accommodation in Boliden, which mutes the Muthanna Majid lived. In addition, the suspect was taken "a number" of people for questioning at yesterday's crackdown in Boliden, according to National Police Commissioner Dan Eliasson, who does not want to specify the number and stresses that it is not certain that the persons suspected of any crime.
SAPO not disclose how mutes Muthanna Majid found. A woman says, however, for P4 Västerbotten she sounded the alarm after she recognized him from the photo that circulated in the media.
Risk Police Chief Dan Eliasson believes that "a fantastic police work" behind the arrest.
- Everything will surely be reviewed later, and then I am sure that many police employees will receive gold stars in the book, he says.
The public will also now be felt by a large police presence in public places, according to Eliasson.
Several sources told TT that the terrorist plans were revealed when encrypted communication between Sweden and the Middle East showed a pattern that traveled warning flags of European security services, who told Sweden information.
The day before yesterday raised the SAPO terrorhotnivån in Sweden and security police chief Anders Thornberg went out with that man chased a man suspected of preparing terrorist crimes.
It increased the terrorist threat in Sweden remains despite the arrest of Boliden, according to Säpo. Interior Minister Anders Ygeman (S), for the day in Brussels, explains that with the increase made by more than one cause.
- That's because not only was the information they had was the basis for that increased the terrorist threat. It was a comprehensive view of the intelligence they had, the events in Paris, modus (approach) and target selection in Paris and this concrete information that led to a person arrested in his absence, suspected of planning terrorist attacks, says Ygeman.

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