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torsdag 6 april 2017

Turkey not giving up on dirty plans against Rojava

Turkey not giving up on dirty plans against Rojava.

Speaking to ANF, Northern Syrian Federation Executive Council Co-chair Foza Yusuf pointed out the AKP-ruled Turkish state’s possible attack on Til Rifat, Shehba and Efrîn and said: “Turkey will face a great resistance. These regions will become the new Kobanê’s. Everybody knows how it ended for ISIS when they were made to attack Kobanê.”

After a visit to Arab countries, Northern Syrian Federation Executive Council Co-chair Foza Yusuf made important comments on Turkey’s attempts at invasion in Syria, Northern Syria and Rojava. Yusuf said Turkey didn’t give up on the invasion operation, on the contrary, they would continue with new tactics.
Northern Syrian Federation Executive Council Co-chair Foza Yusuf carried out a series of visits to Arab and Gulf countries after the 2nd Constituent Assembly meeting. Yusuf said they were met with interest in the visits and that their system wasn’t well known yet, and they came to understand that they had to carry out serious efforts to promote it. Yusuf said there was a severe propaganda war against them and they needed to spend a great deal of time to counter it, and continued: “Our suggestions and projects for the solution of the civil war in Syria and the issues that have ensued. The federation is seen as an important and successful step.”
Yusuf stated that the women’s freedom struggle that has played a leading role in the Rojava revolution has had a great effect and added that this effect started some new conversations in the region. Yusuf said: “The effect created by women’s leadership and struggle has led the way to new conversations and new pursuits emerged to strengthen and increase women’s participation in various political parties.”
Co-chair Yusuf also gave information on efforts regarding the Elections Act, determining the election timeline and determining the regional administration centers decided in the 2nd Constituent Assembly meeting: “We made preparations for the decisions we have taken. Soon the Elections Act will be issued and the election date will be determined. The Constituent Assembly will gather and decide on this. We are also making the regional adminsitration zones clear. Our visits to Arab and Gulf countries were in line with the outcome of the meeting. Our diplomacy committee held some other international meetings beyond the Arab countries and explained our project. Efforts continue without a hitch.”
Yusuf said the international powers haven’t declared a negative or positive stance towards their project yet, and that all powers had a desire to follow and comprehend the project. Co-chair Yusuf said: “We need time for them to openly take a stance. Of course the political developments will determine this. If we carry out our project successfully, we can influence the international powers and make them accept it officially. We saw this clearly with our experience in autonomy and the autonomous administration.”
Yusuf said the Syrian Baath regime still had the delusion to return to the time before 2011, that they failed to create any significant change and they continued with dreams of the old administration and governance system. Yusuf stressed the following: “The regime is removed from reality in their political, military and regional policies and in the face of the demands of the peoples. Their approach is that they want to continue their rule with the old system if possible, they would impose this if they could. We can easily say the regime isn’t open to a democratic solution. We know that they will come to realize the facts and the developments will make this into a more pressing matter.”
Co-chair Yusuf pointed out the AKP-led Turkish state’s continued invasion operation that started with Jarablus and has spread over to Shehba and said that the declaration that “Euphrates Shield is over” is a tactical move. “The invading forces are still there, military outposts have been built, bases are in construction now, they are manipulating the demographics,” said Yusuf and pointed to the character of Turkish invasion: “They invade, and they don’t get out easily afterwards.”
Yusuf said that the Turkish state won’t take their hands off Syria easily, that they wouldn’t want to, and that the statements were attempts at determining tactics according to the situation. Yusuf added: “These are tactical approaches. To ease the pressure from international forces and for some new calculations. For instance, they still haven’t given up on the Raqqa operation. Turkey is going into a referendum in a great crisis, they will plan according to the outcome of the referendum. The declaration that Euphrates Shield is over is a break to instigate a new plan. On the field, everything is crystal clear.”
Yusuf also pointed out a possible attack on Til Rifat, Shehba and Efrîn and said: “Turkey will face a great resistance. These regions will become the new Kobanê’s. Everybody knows how it ended for ISIS when they were made to attack Kobanê. All forces, including Russia and the US, are against Turkey’s politics in Syria and the region. This sometimes translates to clashes over some forces and groups. But they all want to use them temporarily for their interests, and sometimes they do. The international powers know that Turkey is an invading power, and that they turn the issue into a crisis and deepen it whenever they intervene. They think Turkey’s Syria politics are very dangerous.”

Source: Firat News Agency

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