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tisdag 2 maj 2017

We know the Turks they are anti kurds,

We know the Turks they are anti kurds,   If turkey not afraid of the outside world so the Turks could then make genocide against the Kurdish people former Turkish regime has tried to make genocide against the Kurdish people, erdogan is a racist and supports Turkish racist around Turkey, no matter where to be Kurdish The people saw Turkey attacking Kurdish people because they are the Turks, and they see the Kurdish people as their enemy. So many today know and know Turkish dirty politics in the Middle East. Turkey has made genocide against the Armenian people and killed more than 1 and half million people Turkey attacked Cyprus and made genocide against Cyprus, right now we hear things Erdogan's followers tell us that, in ten years, Erdogan will clear and destroy the Armenian state from the earth.

The Kurds need an Air Force, like the one the Turks have got from the USA, the same USA which is now pretending as if they are your allies. As an Amazigh from Morocco I truly hope you Kurds get your country Kurdistan, but I think the Americans are just using you guys,,,,, by .zannati

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