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tisdag 18 juli 2017

I know Sweden is a good country and there is very good Swedish, I feel Swedish because I have lived here for a long time and should say something I love Sweden.

I know Sweden is a good country and there is very good Swedish, I feel Swedish because I have lived here for a long time and should say something I love Sweden.
I love Swedish good people, but unfortunately there is a small group in Sweden who managed to get into the authority and try to do just what he or she wants against other people.
But we must not keep silent when we see something unfair must be protested and notified to other authorities in order to be stopped.

 We must jointly stop unjustified treatment that makes a part of the agency's staff.
Yesterday I met Hannele and Eyman who have Arab background Palestinian whom she brought to meetings and I talked to her and Eyman they work within the authority in southern Sweden.
Then we met on 2017.07.18 at 2:00 pm in the office. She's how it works for you, are you looking for a job all the time on your own?
I; Yes, I do. It's good at my job reports, which I usually submit each month.
She; Good how are you doing for your little son?
I'm fine, he's home with mom right now we've been out today they went home and I stopped because I've got time with you.
She; Good are you coming to meet us on August 17 with me and Ulrika?
I; Yes, I'll do that, but I have to say something I want to report Ulrika because she has written very bad things on my side, there is a crime about things and things that are not right.
What she has done to others can exploit me in the future because I protested against what I have seen on my side.
She; Do you have paper with you
I; Yes, I have shown the paper and she tried to say something that is not true in Sweden.
She: but you do not know that you can not police in Sweden against authority personnel even the police do not accept any such notices against the authority staff.
I: Is there any section in Swedish law that you can not report to police personnel even if any Swedish government personnel would commit a crime to someone or
Is there any section in Swedish law, a law stamp that stops people so that police report to Swedish government personnel?
Can you explain to me about it?
When she could not answer also had no answer for my questions.
Eymen a Palestinian man she met at a meeting between me and her in 2017.08.18 said that you can also report government personnel to their boss or there is a device that you can turn around if you have seen something unfair.
Eyman said you can also contact the discrimination ombudsman that is available in all Swedish authorities.
I: yes, I know, but this time I repeated that someone has removed good things on my side here, there is an earlier letter about it.
  I asked her if you would report a police officer to the police? When she responded so new you do not know in Sweden you can not police notify the government staff also the police will never listen to you ...
I'm in Swedish law book that you can not do is there a section about it? When she had no more answers could not explain to me anymore ... then said we only have 30 minutes for us so we have to end the conversation .... on 2017.08.03 you can listen to what she says via Euronews between 13 o'clock to 14:30 ,,, unfortunately I want to say a thing people with political ideas in southern Sweden who can be real antisemitism and they can be dangerous than isis if they would have power.
The 2017.08.17 at 13:00 I will meet her again also a woman called Ulrika on off.
A statement about her story yesterday, as I know and has long experience, has been very low in Sweden, it plays a role in the role of government staff or not everyone is allowed to report them to the person who does things that are against it Swedish law and rules
Sincerely Samuel.

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