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måndag 31 juli 2017

Watch the video and share and share

Watch the video and share and share
The International Alliance: We do not know anything about what is called Peshmerga Rojava. We know only Syria's democratic forces, which are fighting forces
A spokesman for the International Coalition against the organization "Dahesh islamic brutal terrorists," urged, Ryan Dillon, on Monday, July 31, 2017, the continued support of the coalition forces of Syria's democracy in the process of liberating Al-Raqqa, stressing that it is able to liberate the city and will not participate in the liberation process, He does not know anything about Peshmerga Rojava.
When asked about the elements of the so-called Peshmerga Rojava, which said that they numbered more than 5,000 people and participated in many battles in the Kurdistan region of Iraq and that PYD and YPG prevent them from returning to Rojava to participate in military operations against the organization, About these forces, we know the Syrian forces of democracy only and they are fighting a pro-Syrian organization in Syria. we know ypg and syria democratic forces

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