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söndag 30 juli 2017

Iraqi Kurdistan became ‘worst’ area for journalists, says association

Iraqi Kurdistan became ‘worst’ area for journalists, says association.

BAGHDAD,— The Kurdistan Region has become the “worst and most dangerous” area for journalists in Iraq, the Society for Defending Press Freedom in Iraq said.

The society released a report on Sunday regarding violations carried out against journalists in the Kurdistan Region in the last seven months.
The group added the Kurdistan Region has recorded the “highest rates” of attacks and attempts to assassinate, arrest and abuse journalists working in different Kurdish media in the region.
The region witnessed an increase of targeting the press in the first seven months of 2017,” the report read. “Violations were distributed between armed targeting, assassination attempts, beatings, raiding media and arrest as well as detention by the security and non-security forces.”
The group further said two journalists were killed and an attempt to assassinate another journalist was recorded from the beginning of this year until July 30. In addition, four others were beaten and humiliated during the period.
Ten journalists were also detained over seven months, the report added. Five teams of journalists were also prevented from covering incidents which happened in the Kurdistan Region, aside from an attack on media as well as lawsuits against two Kurdish channels.
Earlier in April, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) said Iraq, including the Kurdistan Region, was one of the most dangerous countries for journalists to work in.
In its 2017 World Press Freedom Index for 180 countries, Reporters Without Borders ranked Iraq at 158.
Journalists in the Kurdistan Region, according to RSF, have to work in a “very politicized environment in which media are regarded above all as political tools,” while the region itself is facing economic and social tension.
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