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måndag 24 juli 2017



                                                          Mr. Donald TRUMP
                                                          United States of America
                                                         White House

                                                        Geneva, 1 May 2017

Mister President,
I am aware that in 1979, following the Bilderberg Group's plan to change the situation of the planet (reflection of the change in Iran - 1971, the refusal of Nixon and Kisinger in 1979) Of a religious and fanatic government for the realization of terrorism in the countries of the Middle East for economic purposes. For this project various politicians, members of these commissions (Bergenski) as well as the CIA participated in the overthrow of the legal government of Mr. Bakthiar and the departure of the Shah of Iran.
In 38 years, more than two million killed, the country on the verge of bankruptcy, the Iranian national budget is stolen by the mafia of religious and terrorists Islamic militia in power and placed in various world banks.
Thanks to these ruling mafia bands, Iran is engaged in the war of destabilization in Iraq, Yemen, Syria and Afghanistan, Indonesia to serve the terrorist group Hamas - Hezbollah and various terrorist organizations in the Middle East. But Russia and various arms producers, as well as the oil companies, are taking advantage of this anarchy that costs millions of human beings every day in different countries.
Since 2008, Mr. Obama, your predecessor, is responsible for the Islamization of the Middle East, (DAGHESH) with the help of Iran.
After 38 years, in June 2016, the Bilderbeg group in California decided on regime changes in Iran. Meanwhile, the Prime Minister of Israel appreciated a joint intervention to change the regime of terrorism in Iran (according to the media).
It is clear that the people made an uprising in 2008, which was repressed in blood with thousands of victims. Every year, the human rights record in Geneva shows us more than one thousand to two thousand executions and hangings in Iran.
It is necessary now, since you are making the change of Obama's perishable program, to help destroy the various terrorist training bases of the Islamic militants (pasdarans), so that the popular uprising can take place And that Iran regains its glorious past and the establishment of democracy and freedom for all ethnic groups who were abused and killed (Jews - Bahais - and others).
I inform you that Iran was never a Muslim country until 641 to 646, at the time of the attack of the Arabs coming from Saudi Arabia. The true Persian religion, is Zoroastrian - 3775 years BC Origin of monotheism,
By establishing freedom and democracy in Iran, we would welcome you as a liberator of the Iranian people and with a condition for the reconstruction of the country, as well as the return of 7 million exiles (possible recognition of the State of Israel , As a close friend of the Iranian people, for 2500 years) and restoring good brotherly relations with all Arab countries
Including Saudi Arabia,
Pending a favorable decision by your administration in favor of this change in Iran, I ask you to believe, Mr. President, in assuring my distinguished consideration.



Iranian Center for Human Rights
30, rue des Pâquis
Through US Embassy
And Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Federal Department of Foreign Affairs - Berne
Federal Council Mr Didier BURKHALER

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