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måndag 31 juli 2017

Masoud Barzani has a bad story.

Masoud Barzani has a bad story.
  Which is very difficult for people to believe in this man. Masoud barzani 1996.08.31 contacted saddam and saddam attacked Kurdistan. And Masoud Barzani. "Massoud Barzani invited Saddam's forces to war with his brother Jalal Talebani.
Masoud Barzani has committed crimes against humanity in Kurdistan with Puk. When was war between Puk and Masoud Barzani when they both killed more than 16,000 Kurds and injured more than 20000 Kurds, also mentally injured more than 10,000,000 Kurds in southern Kurdistan.
   Handicapped more than 18000 Kurds in southern Kurdistan by Maspoud Barzani and Jalal Talebani.
From 1992 to today many jpouranlists were killed by Masoud Barzani and Puk forces in southern Kurdistan.

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