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lördag 29 juli 2017

Right now you have to know about the Masoud Barzani

Right now you have to know about the Masoud Barzani
 Kurdish land traitors.
Right now, all Kurdish people need to know that Masoud Barzani is a dangerous man, also his party as dangerous as isis for the Kurdish nation.
We are not against Kurdish people about voting for the independence of Kurdistan We want Kurdistan to become a country just like all other countries, but what is going on in Kurdistan during Masoud Barzani's time is a fate is unclear
Is Turkish New Agent in Northern Iraq Masoud Barzani travels via Turkish visas to Europe and the United States.
 And at the moment Masoud Barzani calls on the people for referendum for the independence of Kurdistan, but on the other hand there are several Turkish military base in northern Iraq's southern Kurdistan ??
Everyone knows Turkish regime is Kurdish greatest enemy in the Middle East.
How should masoud barzani make independence under Turkish military base also under Turkish control ??
That's making you more suspicious of that event.
There are Turkish 13 military base in northern Iraq on territory controlled by Masoud Barzani's control.
Is Erdogan's new plan against the Kurdish people via Masoud Barzani?
Yes, it is unfortunately today Masoud Barzani became one of Turkish agents in southern Kurdistan.
Barzani as dangerous as Isis for the Kurdish nation in northern Iraq, Masoud Barzani urges the people to participate in voting for Kurdish independence, but on the other hand there are 13 Turkish military base in the area controlled by Masoud Barzani.
Barzani still cooperates with Iranian regime

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