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torsdag 27 juli 2017

Pres. Trump should stop Erdogan’s military attacks against peaceful Afrin

Pres. Trump should stop Erdogan’s military attacks against peaceful Afrin،

After destruction to peaceful Kobani (Kobani), genocide in Sinjar (Shingal), and bombardments of Aleppo; Turkey’s own military assisted by ISIS, Ahrar al Sham, FSA, al Nusra, and its other proxies’ attacks & bombing against Afrin should had been deterred, and must be stopped by coalition forces now at once, and at any or all costs. The unprovoked shellings of peaceful Afrin is uncalled for & unacceptable. Turkey is now demonstrating that its only target has been to prevent Kurds of West [Syrian] Kurdistan gain their own Freedom & sovereignty, connecting the East Cantons to West in Afrin, and controlling their own homeland invaded under Syria since 1923.
Erdogan is trying to rescue his proxy bandits of mostly “foreign fighters” known as ISIS in Raqqa by increasing attacks on YPG in Afrin, and other areas along the border under YPG/YPJ control, using Turk troops-ISIS, and other said Terrorist organizations well known to US, Russia, and other coalition forces.
President Trump should had already deterred Turkey’s outlaw incursions into Syria completely, and must do so “NOW” asap, now that diplomacy fails, since “Erdogan” has proven; he will only do what he wants through manipulation, quickly followed by violence, bombings, and killing innocent Kurdish civilians both in SE Turkey (North Kurdistan to be correct), Shengal recent surprised bombing, and now in West Kurdistan (still referred to as North Syria), especially now that he has re-elected himself through a totally fixed and manipulated election.
He is now like a lunatic arresting, imprisoning thousands of Kurdish political leaders, journalists & workers without any justification other than telling us they are supporting a Kurdish organization, which he has succeeded to label as terrorists instead of Kurdish defense army since 1984, and breaking the last peace negotiations with them through ceasefire in 2015; after causing a bloody tragic suicide bombing against a peaceful Kurdish volunteers mostly teachers & intellectuals’ rally at Suruc near Kobani right before their help to assist Kobani’s war torn community was to have begun.
Turkey’s such endless killings & human rights violations against Kurds, even in recent Washington DC’s peaceful rally leaves no doubt in any civilized freedom loving person’s mind why PKK was forced to take up arms in 1984, and defend its peace loving Kurdish citizens under constant vicious deadly assaults by Turkish junta, and para military thugs from Turkey’s callous creation in 1923 by UK & France colonial powers, preventing Kurds own self-determination & Home rule by native Kurdish citizens in today’s SE Turkey, North Iraq, North Syria, and North West Iran, instead, be usurped under Turkey’s Jurisdictional Government Rule, as well as those of Iraq, Syria, and Iran.
US & Russia must stop brushing aside Turkey’s Outlaw & Terrorist actions against Kurdish nation asap or killings, massacres, and genocides shall continue endlessly, Kurdish defense forces in this unfair imbalance & Frenzy lacking the full scale military equipment, and Air power of their own due to lack of an independent state, which was promised by League of Nations 97 years ago. It is time to reinstate their national rights to their own Independent state or the 4 vulture puppet regimes with leaders like ‘Erdogan’ of Turkey shall continue the disrespect for Kurdish people’s very existence, using their military, and proxies of war against them as we see it happening daily.
President Trump should also send modern anti-tank missiles & other advanced weapons directly to YPG/YPJ in Afrin & along West Kurdistan border w/N. Kurdistan wrongfully called “Turkish”.
UK & France remain silent, but their predecessor regimes are responsible to give existence to the leftover of Ottoman Empire after WWI in a most callous fashion without regard to Kurdish lives & the rights of 60+ million Kurdish people in Kurdistan to their assigned scheduled independence already approved within the Woodrow Wilson’s 1920 Self-Determination Treaty Doctrine, hence Turkey should not have been created by said Colonial Robberies of 1915-23 of UK-France to usurp Kurdistan by the said manufactured menace ‘Turkey’, and Syria, Iraq & Iran.
Not mentioning; that UK PM Theresa May has fueled this 97 years old killing & persecutions by recently signing a military contract with Erdogan to manufacture 100 modern Jet Fighters. This goes to show UK will never change its past bloodthirsty greedy colonial stance, know conducted in a subtle fashion; from being anti-Kurd, because if this deal goes through; Erdogan will not hesitate to use them against Kurds. Perhaps President Trump should consider temporarily breaking US Diplomatic Relations with UK for a change until they guaranty to respect Human Rights like a civilized nation.
The above gigantic warmongering tragedies have been the core cause of all these bloody wars since that time, and Kurdish nation must be assisted to reinstate their right to be a sovereign state as promised in 1920, ending the horrible wrongs done to her peace loving people forced to go to wars brought upon them by the four aggressive occupiers for nearly a century.
This imbalance is clearly discriminatory against the 60+ million
Kurdish nation the largest still fighting for her own Government and independent state free of Arab, Turk, and Fars domination today, while there are 22 Arab states, 6 Turkic (Turkish) states, and 3 Fars (Persic) states, which must not deny nor disable 1920’s promised ONE Kurdistan state to be on UN nation states’ list.
So let’s cut through the chase, and let them win back their independence in a fair & just manner from the Frenzy of these 4 already independent invading states against ONE.
Turkey’s last distasteful callous act in shelling & bombing of parts of peaceful precious Afrin must not be tolerated. As they have done so in South Kurdistan (North Iraq) incursion, bombing Kurdish military forces in Qandil; this similar violation of international law of nations by Turkey extending into West Kurdistan bombing the peaceful Afrin must be immediately crushed & contained by assisting war supplies to YPG/YPJ, hence, US & Russia must force(the only language known to Erdogan)Turkey to withdraw its troops & assigned proxies by US & Russia by any means necessary.
Steve Tataii, former candidate for US Congress in 2010 special election, former candidate for the United States Senate in ‘06, and US House in ’02. for more see below.
The opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own.
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