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måndag 24 juli 2017

Rubari: Öcalan's philosophy enlightened our way Cahit Rubari gave a detailed account of his historical connection to Öcalan and stated that the philosophy of Öcalan has enlightened their way.

Rubari: Öcalan's philosophy enlightened our way
Cahit Rubari gave a detailed account of his historical connection to Öcalan and stated that the philosophy of Öcalan has enlightened their way.

Cahit Rubari was born 1942 in the village of Cibrî in Efrîn's Şêrawa district. During the nineties in the Efrîn-Aleppo-Damascus line he came across the Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan.
Speaking to ANF, Rubari, in whose mind and memory the entire process of the "resurrection out of no more than ashes" of the Kurdish people is deeply rooted, conversed about his days with Öcalan:
"The Kurdish people went through resurrection and became soon the scene of a new life. The history of the resurgence and the quest of the true core of this people, came to blossom in this 21st century. That what drove the Rojava Revolution to this stage, is this true core. The people of Northern Syria are finding a new lease of life.
We became absorbed in discussions beyond compare. His magnificent personality opened also new doors in my own character. I always yearned for meeting him. The first time I saw him was in the nineties. His personality, his stance and his speeches left a deep impression on me. We talked a lot and in our conversations we discussed matters concerning Kurdistan and the Kurdish people. The people's societal and cultural values and how to take fate into one's own hand, were always on our agenda. Can one talk about differences or changes between the time we spent together in the nineties and the current age? Öcalan's quest in Syria opened a new era of resurgence for the Kurds. It was a time, when Kurds and Kurdistan were denied their very existence and floated on the brink of total annihilation. These revolutionary changes taking place now in Rojava 20 years of developments later, is in fact the very resurrection of the Kurdish people and marks the epoch of the awakening from the thousand year long sleep. It was the moment, when the desire of freedom was reached irreversibly.
During the whole process of the revolution, the only strong groundwork offered was again the current project of the Kurds. In Turkey countless rulers and military putsch took place in the course of time. Our memories and the happenings of the last 20 years speak volumes. A people that underwent constant genocides and denial, could reach the truth and its own true soul only and just with the help of magnificent personalities. And only with the perception of leaders is this feasible. The Leader of Freedom itself, Öcalan, made it possible in Syria, where peoples of different ethnicities are coming now together and determine their own fate, realizing this product of a years long process. The philosophy I am talking about, has always enlightened our path and I will always deem this philosophy sacred.
It was evening, when I had one day some visitors coming from Lebanon. We were sitting at the dining table, in front of us was plenty of food. Then suddenly the phone rang. When I picked up I was told that Öcalan was taken into custody. It shook my bones. And even until today it is too difficult to describe my feelings and breakdown of those moments. Words can not describe. My eyes seemed to go blind for forty days in a row, and my heart could not sustain this captivity.
Öcalan's departure from Syria and his captivity were unbearable. In Aleppo, Damascus and everywhere Öcalan had ever set foot, the people rose up for resistance. And also peoples around the globe could not agree to this International Plot. It was something, that in no way could be accepted. But it still became no easy game to push Kurdistan and the Middle East into oblivion, for Öcalan has handed over the humanity's and history's values to the peoples already. There are reasons behind this current much debated and internationally praised resistance of the Kurds in Syria. They did not struggle against the ISIS gangs haphazardly. One should not forget that in the eyes of the Kurds humanity's values are very precious and important."
Rubari said: "They planned to wipe out an entire people in the person of Öcalan" and continued: "But the people want now to be able to breathe freely. What the Kurds are after is a revolution of the mentality. The Rojava Revolution has become an opportunity to ascertain life for the Arabic, Christian and Syriac peoples as well. We demand the immediate freedom of Öcalan. We want to see him with us and in our homeland Kurdistan. Öcalan who created such a marvellous life, was even before leaving Syria already searching for a way to a political solution."
Rubari explains that he visited once the birth place of Öcalan and pointed out: "I went to Amara, where Öcalan was born. I also applied countless times to visit him on the prison island Imrali, but it was rejected each time for political reason. I also met Mehmet Öcalan, and talked with him. We discussed deeply the perception of freedom of the Kurdish people and the right to a new life. And the notion we shared was that sooner or later the solution of the war, the crises and blind tumours will take shape. The peoples of the Middle East and in particular the peoples of Syria have tasted the sweet air of freedom. Our hope was always to live in freedom. Nothing will be in vain."

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