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fredag 21 juli 2017

Who is omid sharifi dana? Right now Omid Sharifi Dana one of the Iranian intelligence member in Sweden

Who is omid sharifi dana?
Right now Omid Sharifi Dana one of the Iranian intelligence member in Sweden.
Omid Sharifi Dana gave birth to 1984.07.22
He worked with Iranian intelligence in protest against Iranian regime in Iran.
Omid sharifi dana member with two sickest groups sepah quds and sorena partizan who can visit their page every time you can decide what is on this page.
Ali fallahian Iranian before the intelligence minister
Revealed that Iranian regime usually sends many spies to Germany and other European countries under businessman, journalists and students.

Right now after a survey and investigation about omid sharifi dana.
   Then he suspects 100% Omid Sharifi Dana is one of Iranian Sepah Quds terror organization members while Omid Sharifi Dana is working for Iranian intelligenceOmid Sharifi Dana a few months due to mental health problems under the control of well-being, almost four years have studied under haj tusi the man who raped many Quran students in Iran,

Omid's father is a mule and works within the Iranian regime.
On other things omid sharifi dana is a member of an Iranian Nazi group called reza khan's supporter (Sorena Partizan) has a page on facebook on the same name as Parantez. Sorena Partizan is a Nazi group who supports the Iranian regime with money
In 2009, strong protests against the Iranian regime were under the president's election between mir hossein mosavi and Ahmadinejad.
Omid Sharifi Dana participated in the protest, but during his participation, he collaborated with Iranian Sepah intelligence service against the protests in Tehran.
Then Omid Sharifi Dana in order to be able to attract opposition when Omid Sharifi Dana made some hard slogan words against the regime but since he greps later he began to admit that he was fooled by Iranian opposition television channels broadcast by satellite so the Iranian court Tried to trick the people and write in Iranian newspapers so that omid should be executed after he appealed the sentence but dropped the sentence to 6 years in prison but after only a mourning Omid became freed and moved freely in Tehran and chased with Iranian Intelligence other people who opposed the regime many were revealed by Omid Sharifi Dana and many of those arrested by the regime were executed or received long-term prison sentences.
Still many are in prison.
So Omid Sharifi Dana, using Sepah Quds, got a visa to Europe, he went straight from Tehran Mehrabad Airport to Arlanda Stockholm Airport.
When he got help from a man he is also suspected of being Iranian agents in Stockholm to seek asylum in Sweden, after a few months the Migration Board gave Omid Sharifi dana a residence permit and stayed in Sweden, but Omid Sharifi Dana received more help from Imam Ali Mosque in Stockholm also indirectly by the Iranian intelligence service working under a businessman in Sweden.
At the moment, Omid Sharifi Dana works for Iranian intelligence and has direct contacts with Sepah Quds members in Sweden and other European countries.
As we have received very important information, Omid Sharifi dana gets every month more than 18,000 kronor from Iranian intelligence service, which has many shops and shopping centers in European countries

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