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lördag 21 oktober 2017

Breaking News #7 - Oct. 21, 2017, 4:15 PM, Iraq

Breaking News #7 - Oct. 21, 2017, 4:15 PM, Iraq
Late last night, Oct. 20, Hashd Al Shaabi forces along with a group of Kurdish anti-terror forces commanded by Lahour Talibani from Kirkuk, were going to Taqtaq town to try to take control of Shivashok near Koysinjaq city.

 Koysinjaq is in Erbil state in Kurdistan. Shivashok is a petrol site inside the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) border established in 1991 with U.S. support. It is northeast of the town of Altun Kupri which Hashd Al Shaabi took control of on Monday, October 16.
Before the Hashd and Lahour forces could reach Taqtaq, volunteer residents and some off-duty PUK Peshmerga stopped them and warned that they would fight them if they tried to pass.
Two political parties of PDK Iran (opposition groups to Iranian government and its IRGC/Quds forces) have camps less than 10 km from Shivashok which is well inside of Kurdistan, Iraq.
Leadership of PDK Iran in these camps put their own forces on alert last night to prepare to defend themselves from a possible attack by Hashd Al Shaabi and Iranian Quds forces within 24 hours. Now the situation looks quiet.
reported by Ali Javanmardi, independent journalist, Kurdistan

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