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lördag 21 oktober 2017

Hello to all Kurdish people

Hello to all Kurdish people 
The Kurdish people they're Arian reigns 
The Kurds should not prey for one person as leaders should be united 
The most important for Kurdish people from today to go back there's own ezdi religion .
You all known how many years the Arabs Turks and Persian used the Kurdish for there's own benefit only 
The Kurdish people today they should have one leader only and that leader should do the jobs only for own Kurdish people not to salve fishing.
Then Mr Puten and Mr Trump will help Kurdish people for real
Salaheddine ayoubi left Kurdish people in hell
Kurds please 🛑 stop go wrong ways .
I wished this will weck you up
I believed this will work hopefully
Soon we all going to see one Kurdistan
Our God will help the Kurds

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