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tisdag 24 oktober 2017

breakingnews,,Iraqi shia isis terrorist attacks Kurdish peshmerga so peshmerga has captured many of Shia Isis terrorist hashd al Shaabi

News #10 - Oct. 24, 2017
Today at noon, October 24, two Humvees belonging to Hashd Al Shaabi , attacked a group of Peshmerga in Bazargeh, close to Makhmur, less than 40 km from Erbil. Both sides then exchanged fire. One Peshmerga was injured and two Hashd Al Shaab were killed. One Humvee was destroyed and the second one withdrew. Now an Iraqi army officer and the Peshmerga commander agreed to cease fire, but Hashd Al Shaabi broke the agreement and continued to fire. At 1 PM it is quiet.
by Ali Javanmardi, independent journalist, Kurdistan

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