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söndag 3 juni 2018

Qaraylan: HDP's victory will be new beginning to consolidate democracy

Qaraylan: HDP's victory will be new beginning to consolidate democracy
A member of the Executive committee of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) Murad Qaraylan said that Turkey is trying to prevent the Democratic People's Party(HDP) from going beyond the electoral threshold. But the wind is not blowing in its favor today because the parliament's entry into parliament is a decision related to the struggle of the Kurdish people and democratic forces.

HDP's victory is the beginning of a new stage towards democracy
A member of the Executive Committee of (PKK), Murad Qaraylan, said that the victory of HDP in the elections scheduled for June 24 will mark the beginning of a new stage towards democracy.
In an interview with the Euphrates news agency, Qaraylan said that the Kurdistan Liberation Movement and a proposal and a decision by the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan on August 2, 1999 a cease-fire declared.
Qaraylan said: "The cease-fire was announced for five years until June 2004 in order to prepare for a political solution to begin negotiations with Turkey in the framework of the peace project and the solution of the Kurdish cause, during which we did not launch a single shot at Turkey, During the rule of Ecevit, the ban was lifted on the Kurds. "
Hidden policy aimed at eliminating the Kurdistan Liberation Movement
Qaraylan said that Turkey was planning to eliminate the Kurdistan Liberation Movement, saying "The international conspiracy came to target our leader Ocalan, after which the elections were held in 2002 to take over the AKP and managed the country, which in turn completed the plan and continued policies of denial and genocide as other governments, but this policy is being practiced covertly at that stage. "
Qaraylan continued "Every time they had the opportunity to target us, they would attack without hesitation, and continue to practice policies of denial, extermination and destruction, "he added  "and the last attempt was to use some within the movement to liquidate the movement from inside."
After all the dirty plans of the AKP were revealed and during the second meeting of the People's conference, a decision was reached to start the June 1 campaign.
Our battle is a battle of self-defense
Qaraylan pointed out that because of the dirty Turkish policy towards them, they were forced to defend themselves, adding: "Our battle is the battle of self-defense ... Turkey has always been and is still planning to eliminate our movement and our people ... We have certainly managed to defend ourselves ideologically, but we are also forced to use weapons to defend ourselves everywhere, where our ideas, our culture and our people are exposed to attacks. "
The state of emergency aims to intervene in Rojava and South Kurdistan
Qaraylan pointed out that "these elections are held under the emergency law and the truth must be seen from this perspective" the emergency law imposed only to fight the Kurdish people and eliminate the gains "imposed in order to put pressure on  the Kurds, as imposed with the aim of giving the government powers to intervene and fight the Kurdish people in Rojava And southern Kurdistan. "
Seek to prevent HDP from crossing the electoral threshold
Qaraylan explained that Erdogan and the Turkish state tied their fate to the cause of the existence of the Kurdish people and are trying to promote themselves through these lies.
Qaraylan added "They say if the Kurds win, we will be defeated and eliminated. The AKP and the Turkish state have decided to prevent the HDP from going beyond the electoral threshold law and denying it access to the parliament," he said. For Turkey by the United Nations and a lot of forces because of the elections under the emergency law, but they set the date of elections and insists on conducting under the emergency law. "
Qaraylan said "There is an agreement with the MHP at the level of the republicans, who have disassociated themselves from the MHP and formed another party formed with some of the other parties, The National Alliance is the right-wing coalition, and (HDP) alone represents the democratic front and the future of the forces that have been excluded from participation in politics in Turkey is within the democratic people's alliance.
The source : ANF

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