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måndag 18 mars 2013

Garmian: 18-year-old girl is missing since 5 days

Garmian: 18-year-old girl is missing since 5 days

18-year-old Sabrin Mahdi Salih is a resident of Jabara district in Garmian, after school, she has two two teachers (wife and husband) who are from Kfri “take me with you, I want to visit my grandfather’s house in Kfri”

In a statement to Warvin, Muhammad Abdulla Muhammad, Sabrin’s grandfather, stated “last Wednesday(March 13, 2013) Sabrin came to Kfri with two of her teachers, they have dropped her in a neighboorhod since Sabrin told them my grandfather lives here, in fact I do not live in that neighborhood.”

“ according to some witnesses, Sabrin went to Kalar with an old driver, according to what the driver said, when Sabrin arrived in Kalar, she was not familiar with any place, she has given money to the driver and left, since that time she is missing” he added. 

Her grandfather also said “ Sabrin was the top student at her school every year, we did not have any problems and we still do not know why she is missing”

He stated that he has informed all the related offices about her missing grandchild  

A source from directorate of confronting violence in Garmian said to Warvin “ our directorate is working with the related offices to find the girl, until now they have not gotten any information”

Her family asks for a favor via Warvin, If any one has any information about their missing girl, please call Warvin foundation or one of these mobile phones: 07701969472 or 07702278080
Statistics: 56 violence cases have been recorded in Sharazwr in two months' time
In a statement to Warvin, first lieutenant (Burhan Ahmad Abdulla), director of Sharazur bureau of confronting violence against women stated that 57 cases of violence have been recorded in (Halabja, Saidsadiq, Penjwen and Sharazwr)  areas in the last two months
“The cases were as following, In January 26 cases have been recorded, 4 of them closed, one of them sent to court and 21 of them are under investigations” he added.

He also said that 22 cases were complaints, 3 cases were burning incidents and one case was sexual assault.

(Burhan Ahmad Abdulla) director of Sharazur bureau of confronting violence against women also said that in February, 31 cases have been recorded, 8 of them were closed, 2 sent to the court and 21 cases are under investigations. 29 cases were complaints, 2 cases were burning incidents which one of them died.

Prep: Hawre Karim

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