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torsdag 28 mars 2013

What is psychopathy?

many kurds living with psychopathy 
Unfortunately there are many Kurds living with psychopathy, one day I was out and sat down next to one of the few people talked shit about Sweden. I answered him you are free to move back to iran, you  did not live here in Sweden you are a guest and you have to respect Swedish law and rules

many of them are abusing their daughters and their wives.
What is psychopathy?

"Psychopathy-is a personality disorder characterized by a group of specific behavior patterns and character traits that society sees as unacceptable. Psychopathy jo mental illnesses. Those suffering from psychopathy does not have delusions or hallucinations, but they are fully aware of what they are doing. Already at an early age are most psychopaths serious problems of behavioral in nature. There may be lies, thefts, vandalism, truancy, bullying and cruelty to animals. Psychopaths believe that society's norms and rules preventing them from expressing their inclinations and fulfill their desires. Therefore, they create their own rules. A psychopath is impulsive, talkative, egocentric, manipulative, thrill-seeking, irresponsible and anti-social behaviour. "
Unfortunately many of the Kurdish people who lived between iran and Iraq are living with psychopathy
A person with racist views could be a psychopath?
This means that the person who wrote this letter on flashback suffer from strong psychological and very dangerous to society, then he or she should contact a psychologist if he or she is going to hurt someone or maybe kill someone in the future because his or her instincts hatred grows and grows finally can explode and kill someone he or she hates due to have immigrant backgrounds.
If racism and instincts hat a person wrote on flash back what the person has written to write in here.
My hatred of immigrants break me.
I am a calm person with social anxiety disorder and I do not care so very much about people I don't know well, but when it comes to immigrants so can I become so angry that I get the urge to smash them and this upsets my everyday life and my psyche something awesome, I tend to be indifferent to most things but when it comes to my views on immigration, it is extremely.

If I see an immigrant who behave badly or when I just see them as a group, I would like to fuck spy, there are of course exceptions, some immigrants pass me by, this sounds awful and it is there too but I do not see them as human beings with rights.

I'm no surreptitious racist, people know I'm racist because when I see an immigrant, I cannot keep myself from getting evening or hatch out of something very nasty. I represent that I have extreme views and that I am a racist but I manage not nasty blue as busvisslar by one and throw out sexual at hoppningar, then I have every right in the world to yell at them to go to hell, I think.

But to get to the point-my hatred gets worse and worse, I feel bad about this because it's so damn hard to be constantly angry and know that it has extreme views.
I can be so incredibly pissed off that my whole body shakes and just want to smash the human being in question.

Tend to fantasize on coaches how I turn down an immigrant and then heilar, and when I think about it I feel a pleasure.

Know that my views are terrible and that it probably is something wrong with me that can be so terribly fucking angry, and that is precisely why I write here.
Hear this problem to my fragile psyche?
What should I do to not hate as much?

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