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torsdag 28 mars 2013

The confidentiality of violence cases will not be kept at the courts

The confidentiality of violence cases will not be kept at the courts.

Warvin obtained a copy of the third report of women’s legal aid organization which is about monitoring the implementation of law number 8 (2011) which is confronting of domestic violence, and the obstacles encountering implementation of the law 

The report states “the procedures of domestic violence investigations are not kept confidential”

The report mentions “the law of confronting domestic violence states that the investigations procedures and the trail of domestic violence cases should be kept secret. But after the visit of legal aid organization’s team to domestic violence’s court, they found out that the investigations procedures are not kept confidential, due to the narrowness of the investigations room and the crowd, the cases are not kept confidential, and the investigations procedures are not perfectly conducted. 

The team which visited the court wrote about the procedures “when we were at the court, we felt like we are in an office where the issues of the people cannot be solved due to routines, we did not feel like we are in an investigation room where the information is kept secret. Despite presence of 5 employees in the room, often 4 or 5 people were there to file or back off complaints. One could clearly hear the complaints of other people who were trying to speak quietly but they could not due to the crowd and the noise so they had to raise their voice so the investigator understands them”  

It also states “despite these, there were many people and police officers standing in front of the door, and the door was open, everyone were waiting to be called by the employees, this led to a huge crowd in front of the small room which supposes to receive one person at a time instead of 10!” 

The reporters state “ after 20 months from issuing domestic violence law at Kurdistan parliament, due to the pressure from the Civil Society Organizations, somehow they have started to implement the structure of the law but there are many barriers facing the implementation”

The report was made by a volunteer team which consists of 4 members from Slemani and Hawler, this report differs from the last two report and interviewing method has been used, they have interview the officials responsible for implementing the law”

Prep: Arsalan Rahman

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