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tisdag 26 mars 2013

What is the status of the woman question in the Kurdistan region?

What is the status of the woman question in the Kurdistan region?

According to the cafe’s announcement these women will participate in the panel to discuss the current status of women in the region.

 (Halala Rafei) women rights activist and the director of Nina center in Sweden, (Paiman Izzadin) Kurdistan parliament’s member on Gorran list, (Sozan Shahab) leader of the Kurdistan bloc, a member of Zhyan group.

 The expected topics to be discussed are violence against women, organizational duties, the legal procedures to confront violence against women and the role of media.

The panel discussion will be held on Monday, March 25, 2013 at 3:00 PM
Kirkuk: Journalist Nergiz Qadir awarded
Media activist Nergiz Qadir, works for Warvin website, besides hosting a TV show about Women Status at Kirkuk Satellite channel. She also hosts a daily radio show which is about the complaints and the daily life problems of Kirkuk residents. 

On Wednesday March 20, 2013 Kirkuk branch of Kurdistan Youth Freedom Organization held an event for Nawroz and Kirkuk liberation’s anniversary which was attended by (Dr.Najmadin Karim) the Kirkuk governor, the minister of martyrs, a number of parliament members and Kirkuk representatives in Iraqi council of representatives, members of Kirkuk Provincial Council and officials. A number of activists awarded.

In this context, Nergiz Qadir received the organization’s annual award in recognition of her journalistic activities.
Apart from giving speeches, the event ended by singing songs.
Garmian: Domestic violence law leaflet distributed to the citizens.
In a statement to Warvin, Lamia Muhammad, head of directorate of confronting violence against women in Garmian said, in the context of their activities, their directorate distributed brochures and leaflets at the check points of Garmian which contains Domestic Violence Law No.8 (2011) and some directions.

She also said that “their directorate has prepared more than 1000 brochures to distribute it and raise awareness among the society individuals which leads to build a happy family and eliminate violence against women”.

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