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torsdag 28 mars 2013

KON-KURD member arrested

KON-KURD member arrested.

KON-KURD (Confederation of Kurdish Associations in Europe) deputy president and member of the KNK (Kurdish National Congress) Yılmaz Orkan has been taken into custody this morning in Belgium. Ozkan was detained at Brussels airport while awaiting to board the plane which would have taken him to Tunisia where he was to attend the World Social Forum.

 It is understood Ozkan was arrested on a warrant issued by Spain. KON-KURD immediately released a statement asking for Ozkan to be released. Spanish Interior Ministry confirmed the warrant was issued in relation with the last operation which led to the arrest of 6 Kurds in Spain and 17 in France on 6 February. Most of the detained Kurds at the time were released one or two days later.

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