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torsdag 14 mars 2013

Turks have made as genocide against the Kurds and Armenian in Turkey.

The Turkish government thinks that by denying the genocide committed against their Christian minorities between 1914 and 1918, it can wipe its dark past. In doing so, they claim that the genocide that brutally killed 1,500,000 Armenians, 750,000 Assyrians and 300,000 Pontic Greeks is a "fabrication of history". The overwhelming evidence and eyewitness accounts of this tragedy is testimony that these horrible crimes were committed and continuing to deny the crime only makes today's Turkish government an accomplice to the crime. Turks has been killed mor an 3 millin kurds in turkey  this is genocide aganist kurds in turkey.

Turks have made as genocide against the Kurds and Armenian in Turkey.

Ottoman turks Empire and the Armenian Genocide

The Ottoman turks fascist Empire was the state responsible for the Armenian Genocide. The Ottoman Empire was in existence from 1300 to 1923. It was ruled by Muslim Turks headed by the sultanate of the Osmanli/Ottoman dynasty. The Ottoman state, variously called Turkey or the Turkish Empire, was governed according to Islamic law which relegated non-Muslims to second class status by denying them basic civil rights and requiring them to pay extra taxes. This discriminatory system was institutionalized through the so-called millet system which permitted the Armenians communal autonomy as a religious minority, much as the Greeks and Jews, while depriving them from all forms of political participation.
Since the conquest of Armenia and Cilicia at the beginning of the sixteenth century, where the majority of the Armenian population in the Middle East is absorbed in Ottoman Turkey. The large size of the empire created economic opportunities for Armenians. Their presence grew significantly in the capital Constantinople and other major cities where they specialize in various commercial and manufacturing companies, and established himself as a purveyor of European trade with the East. Turkish administration in the more remote provinces of Armenia, but stretched from the exploitative to oppressive. The competition for land, encouraged where lived Kurdish, Armenian with various other nationalities in eastern Anatolia as brother without a problem, but the Ottoman regime hated Armenian people even Kurdish people at that time everyone had not thought about that today there were no schools or training people thought once what others say or what a mullah would say something and the Turkish fascist ottmanen occupied all Armenian rural and threw out the Armenian population and their emigration from their homeland. Misrule in Armenia invited major powers to order the Sultan Abdul-Hamid (Abdul Hamit) II reform the provincial administration in accordance with the terms of the 1878 Treaty of Berlin. The abolition of the Ottoman Constitution, but predicted the official reluctance to extend equality and security. The ensuing repression prompted Armenian revolutionary activity as the Ottomans took back their treaty obligations and against international pressure to introduce meaningful reforms. Hamidian autocracy also promoted the secret Young Turk movement dedicated to the cause of overthrowing the despotic sultan. from the Ottoman Turkish fascist yet to have killed more than three or three and a half million Kurds in Turkey Turks not only did genocide against Armenians they have done against the Kurds also.
The decline of Turkish power and the steady territorial losses in the face of Balkan revolts and Russian military advances isolated the Armenians in a precarious situation. To firmly secure and perpetuate Turkish rule in the remaining territories of the Ottoman state, Abdul-Hamid initiated a program of demographic and political consolidation through the mass slaughter of vast numbers of Armenians beginning in 1894. By so doing he also restricted the economic role of the Armenians, a program which enjoyed popular support among the Turks. In the face of international condemnation, and despite changes in government, the Hamidian policies were applied with regularity over the course of the next thirty years. In a series of genocidal massacres repeated in 1895-1896, 1909, 1915-1918, and 1920-1922, the Armenian population of Turkey was annihilated. The Armenian, also called Hamidian, massacres of 1894-1896 affected all of historic Armenia and Constantinople. The 1909 or Adana massacre devastated Cilicia. The combined deportations and massacres during World War I acquired the dimensions of total genocide and was implemented by the Young Turks who had removed Abdul-Hamid from the throne in 1909. The atrocities between 1920-1922 were committed by the Nationalist Turks who seized power in the Anatolian hinterland in the final years of the Ottoman Empire and created the Turkish Republic.
Most of these massacres were carried out with impunity and the majority of criminal offenders escaped prosecution. Only in the aftermath of its defeat in World War I did the Ottoman government indict the Young Turk leaders responsible for the Armenian Genocide. Through a series of military tribunals and parliamentarian investigations convened between 1919 and 1921 in Constantinople, the covert planning, secret organization, and brutal implementation of policies designed to destroy the Armenian population of the Ottoman Empire were uncovered. The evidence was presented in courts-martial and guilty verdicts handed down, confirming the mass scale state-sponsored policy of extermination. The post-war government, however, balked at carrying out the sentences and the tribunals were closed under pressure from the Nationalists.
In 1915 Armenians lived in all the major cities of the Ottoman Empire, Van, Bitlis, Erzerum, Kharpert, Sivas, Trebizond, Konya, Kayseri, Adana, Izmir, Bursa, Edirne, and many others. By 1923 the Armenian population of Turkey had been reduced to those living in Constantinople. Armenians had participated in all aspects of Ottoman life and had made major contributions to Turkish commerce, industry, architecture, and even music. Yet, in the final analysis, the centuries of Turkish rule resulted in the utter ruin of historic Armenia, the expulsion of the Armenians from Asiatic Turkey and the permanent exile of surviving Armenians. The net effect of the Ottoman era is summed up then in the violent transformation of historic Armenia into Turkey.
Turks have made as genocide against the Kurds and Armenian in Turkey.
from 1915 until even the Turks killed daily Kurdish young even older still genocide against the Kurds in Turkey. Turks have killed many Kurdish leaders who wanted the cultural freedom to his nation Saied reza Shekh Saied piran and many others from 1984 yet there is a whole war between Kurds and Turkish fascist regime that does not want to respect Kurdish rights in Turkey, in 1999 the Turks have paid more than $ 140 million in order to seize Abdulah Ocalan and the Turkish fascist politicians thought about them would arrest Ocalan Kurdish movement become final and they can sleep so nice and warm, but they have arrested Ocalan, but Kurdish movement became stronger and stronger than before, if we were to go back a little bit, the Turkish military attacked Cyprus and killed lots of children and the elderly, it is also genocide against the people of Cyprus occupation of Cyprus by the Turkish government will not the world forget this massacre .. Sincerely kermashani

FGM är DEFINITIVT att betrakta som brott mot mänskliga rättigheter
stoppa FGM i kurdistan
Kvinnlig omskärelse kan betraktas som ett brott mot mänskligheten

Stop FGM inKurdistan 
Female circumcision can be considered a crime against humanity
en man som heter Ali ghanbari han gjorde personangrepp mot mig och kränkte mig via en webbsida som kallar sig peshemergekan, personen misstänker som iranska agenter därför att vi har fått information om honom att han jobbar åt puk underättelsetjänst dezgay zanyary därför att han har köpt ett hus som är 2 våning i staden som heter darbandikhan i norra irak just nu några familjer sitter i huset som hyresgäst och han hyrde ut till folk där ali Ghanbari brukar åka till kurdistan varje månader Ali ghanbari verkar som anti semetism han kallade flera gånger israeliska myndigheten som Fascist när han pratade på en chattsidan som heter paltalk före året. Ali ghanbari har köpt hus i kurdistan också i iran staden kermanshah han har köpt marke i sarpolzehab utan att betala en krona skatt till Svenska myndighet just nu han misstänker som ekobrott plus utländska agenter även mot svenska intresse och kan vara farliga för iranska politiska flyktingar i Sverige.
vi vet väl det finns 550 iranska företagar i norra irak 96% av dem från iranska underättelsetjänst som äger dem företagarna i norra irak. Jag vill ställa en fråga hur han fått så summa pengarna för att kunna köpa två husar och marke i iran och irak?
just nu han brukar åka nästan varje vecka till Norge och göra Seminar vem ligger bakom hans resekostnaden? , han brukar åka till kurdistan den norra irak varje månade hur han kan resa vart kommer i från pengarna till hans resekostnaden?
det kostar varje reser till kurdistan nästan 3500 kronor plus mat det kan bli mer än 6000 kronor vart kommer i från denna pengar? han säger att han har ryggvärk och kan inte jobba?
a man named Ali Ghanbari he made personal attacks against me and offended me by a website that calls itself peshemergekan, the person suspects that Iranian agents because we have received information about him that he works for puk intelligence agency dezgay zanyary because he bought a house which is two storey in the town named darbandikhan in northern Iraq right now some families sitting in the house as a tenant and he rented out to people where Ali Ghanbari usually go to kurdistan each month Ali Ghanbari seems that anti semetism he called several times Israeli authority Fascistwhen he was talking on a chat page called paltalk prior year. Ali Ghanbari bought houses in Kurdistan also in Iran city of Kermanshah he bought marked in sarpolzehab without paying a penny tax to the Swedish government right now he suspects that economic crime plus foreign agents even against Swedish interests and can be dangerous for Iranian political refugees in Sweden We know there are 550 Iranian entrepreneurs in northern Iraq 96% of them from the Iranian intelligence agency that owns them entrepreneurs in northern Iraq. I want to ask a question how he got such summoney to buy two house and marked in iran and iraq? right now he wont go almost every week to Norway and do Seminar who is behind his travel cost? , He used to go to the northern Iraqi Kurdistan urged every way he can travel anywhere in the money for his travel expenses? it costs each travel to Kurdistan almost 3500 SEK plus food it can get more than 6000 crowns each come in from this money? He says he has back pain and can not work? 


Hi my name is Nashmin Zareh I am from a poor Kurdish family, I went to Northern Iraq to earn some money and feed my family, but the Kurdish police from puk Jalal Talabani party grabbed me and left me to the Iranian intelligence service itlaat.
I further pursued in prison for several days under torture and abusive treatment they also raped me and my friends several times, finally it has forced me to recognize things that have never done in my life.
right now I ask all of human organization for help. 'with
best regards Nashmin Zareh
Hej mitt namn är Nashmin zareh jag är från en kurdiska fattiga familjen, jag åkte till Norra Irak för att tjäna lite pengar och försörja min familj, men den kurdiska polisen från puk jalal talabani parti grep mig och lämnade mig till den iranska underrättelsetjänsten itlaat.
jag sätte i fängelse i flera dagar under tortyr och kränkande behandlingar dem har även våldtog mig och mina kompisar flera gånger, till sist dem har tvingat mig erkänna saker som har aldrig gjort i mitt liv.
just nu jag ber er alla mänskliga organisationen för
hjälp.'med vänliga hälsningar Nashmin Zareh
I think this email address as someone got on my name, it can be a person named items sakar abdullahzadeh he's working on a website called that lie behind this fake email address that got on my name and send a message to many newspapers in kurdistan on my name
Please note that this e-mail address (samuel.ku36 @ is false, it is not my email address there is any mental illness or Iranian agents got this e-mail address we dyed this email address with Torjan we soon koimmer to find the person I promise you that I will get this persone 10 000-century weblog sites reveal everything that he or his family did in the past

a person already known to us that he suspected that Iranian agents called Shirzad Omar Jets dirty behind my back. I'll tell you he is a liar, I did not know him until mawlud afand were kidnapped by Iranian agneter and Shirzad Omar one of those who helped the Iranian agents in northern Iraq to kidnap Kurdish journalist mawlud afand.
I have principles could never hack any website or have never done in my life.
I had contact with mawlud afand and would open up a group of Kurdish history and Kurdish Culture Israel Kurd was hacked by Turkish hackers between January and March last mawlud has informed me find a good server to start the website again in Sweden and he asked me to procurement of new designers to the website page with the help of Manuel afand got a web blog through blogspot and I told them I do not have much time to take care of their website.
Who is Shirzad Omar.?
Shirzad Omar and his family lived in Karaj Iran until 1994, we received information about the full person he worked with Iranian intelligence. his father was a member of the Iraqi Kurdistan Democratic Party.
right now he suspects that Iranian regime's agents in northern Iraq.
He just lies and unrepentant what he says and how he lied to the people he has never seen me, we've never talked to each other I have never felt like that name. then when found out that my friends have sent information about him when I published the information received by my readers in northern Iraq even in iran.
How he can say that five days before mawlud afand blevet disappeared Israel Kurd was hacked by samuel kermashani he have a Swedish IP address?
Kurds really good to lie but to regret the way things Kurds may very well it's a lie it is well known to the world.
why Shirzad Omar does not tell about how he and his friends are stunned mawlud afand with anesthetic drugs, and led by a black car to sulimaniyeh where did hopnom to Iranian konsultet in Sulimaniyeh then took him between Iranian and Iraqi border into Iran a few days after?
en person som redan känd för oss att han misstänker som iranska agenter som heter Shirzad Omar sprutar smutsig bakom min ryggen. Jag ska meddela er han ljuger jag kände inte honom fram till mawlud afand blev kidnappade av iranska agneter och Shirzad Omar en av dem som hjälpte iranska agenter i Norra Irak för att kidnappa kurdisk journalist mawlud afand.
Jag har principer skulle aldrig hacka någon hemsida eller har aldrig gjort i mitt liv.
Jag hade kontakt med mawlud afand och skulle öppna en grupp som kurdiska historia och kurdiska kultur israelkurd blev hackat av turkiska hackare mellan januari och mars sist mawlud har meddelat mig att hitta en bra server för att starta hemsidan på nytt i Sverige och han bad mig att skaffa ny desig till hemsidan sidan vi med hjälp av manuel afand skaffade en webb blogg via blogspot och jag sa till dem jag har inte så mycket tid för att ta hand om deras webbsidan.
vem är Shirzad Omar.?
Shirzad Omar och hans familj bodde i iran karaj fram till 1994 vi fick infromation om personen han jobbade med iranska underrättelsetjänsten. hans pappa en medlem av irakiska kurdistan demokratisk parti.
just nu han misstänker som iranska regims agenter i norra irak.
Han bara ljuger och utan att ångra sig vad han säger och hur han ljuger för folket han har aldrig sett mig vi har aldrig pratat med varandra jag har aldrig känt sånt namn. sedan när fick reda på att mina vänner har skickat information om honom då jag publicerade de informationen som fick av mina läsaren i norra irak även i iran.
Hur han kan säga att fem dagar innan mawlud afand blevet försvann israelkurd blev hackat av samuel kermashani han har svensk ip adress?
kurderna jätte bra att ljuga utan att ångra sig ända saker som kurderna kan jätte bra det är att ljuga det är välkänd för hela världen.
varför Shirzad Omar berättar inte om hur han och hans vänner bedövat mawlud afand med bedövnings droger och förde med en svart bill till sulimaniyeh där lämnade hopnom till iranska konsultet i Sulimaniyeh sedan förde honom mellan iranska och irakiska gränsen till iran några dagar efter?


Notice Iraqi Kurdistan and even the entire Iraq is very dangerous for Iranian refugees because 62 days ago, a Kurdish journalist who worked for a monthly magazine called Israeli Kurdish magazine in Northern Iraq called mawlud afand kidnapped by Iranian intelligence service by means of kurdistan puk Jalal Talabani party that is allied with the Iranian regime.
 Because we require the UN to help Iranian refugees and take in from Iraq to move any other country to live in peace and safety and security concerns ..
 obs northern Iraq is very dangerous place for Iranian refugees because the Kurdish government cooperates with Iran also throughout Iraq is dangerous for Iranian refugees
many Kurdish activists disappeared in northern Iraq abbas baygani bayzidi Karim kazhal and right now mawlud afand
Kurdish journalist mawlud afand who worked with israel kurds monthly newspaper in Northern Iraq kidnapped by Iranian agents in Iraqi Kurdistan with the help of Sherzad Omar and a few more people.

 He did not volunteer for the city of Sulaimaniyah on the contrary, he numbed with anesthetic agents of Iranian agents and transferred to the Iranian consulate in Erbil, and from there drove them with diplomatic car (or Sherzad Omar's car is a black car, you can see out from inside but not from where you can not see the bmw 6 series 2013 car number 1158 obs nummert is temporarily Dahuk) to Sulaimaniyah then transferred across the border between Iran and Iraq bashmax.
Because a woman would visit him on June 8, but there was another man in the apartment mawluds who picked his things into a van man named Sherzad Omar, a man who called himself Saro and picked mawluds computers and all his valuables brought to a van and drove away, she would ask Sherzad, but he threatened her if she does not go away from there it will happen to her when she got scared and ran away.
This Kurdish journalist who disappeared in Iraqi Kurdistan have been imprisoned in Iranian consulate to June 12, but after 12 June at 17.30 ran away with a black car on the town of Sulaimaniyah he was imprisoned in the Iranian consulate in Sulaimaniyah until 13 June at 21:00 from there transferred across the border between Iran and Iraq to Iran.
On June 14 Iranian agents led him to the city kerman Shah from there brought to the city sannandej stayed there until June 15 from Iranian security police brought him to his hometown of Mahabad.
On June 17, sent him to tabriz then on to tehran.
Right now he sits in the offensive and severity of torture by Iranian intelligence service in Tehran.

Bazyan said that the Israel-Kurd Institute had received three letters from the PUK asking them to shut down.

“Once they handed a letter from the Islamic Republic to Mawloud Afand. They told him if he closed the institute, they would extend their cooperation and not take other measures. But Afand rejected their requests,” said Bazyan.

He added, “Afand was continuously threatened by the PUK and the Islamic Republic of Iran. So now all the suspicion about his disappearance is centered on them.”

In a letter dated July 22, 2010, Nazim Dabbagh, a member of the PUK and representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), informed then Kurdish Prime Minister Barham Salih that “our relatives once again have complained because the Israel-Kurd magazine was not supposed to be published in the Kurdistan Region anymore, but a new edition of the magazine has come out. We hope you will look into this.”

The phrase “our relatives” appears to refer to Iranian officials.

“Media outlets are free with what they write about or publish,” media officer of the Iranian consulate, Bodaghi told Rudaw. “But the fact of the matter is we are not aware of that journalist and know nothing about him.”
Sincerely Israeli Kurdish europe
send this letter to the email address listed under
iranska agenter -Sherzad omar mahmoud
den här idioten som skrivier via denna ip
kungörelse irakiska kurdistan och även hela irak är väldigt farliga för iranska flyktingar därför att för 62 dagar sedan en kurdisk journalist som jobbade för en månatlig tidning som heter israel kurd magazin i Norra irak som heter mawlud afand kidnappade av iranska underrättelsetjänst med hjälp av kurdistan puk jalal talabani parti som är allierad med iranska regim.
Därför att vi kräver FN att hjälpa iranska flyktingar och ta i från irak flytta något annat land som kunna leva i fred och med säkerhet och trygghet..
obs norra irak är väldigt farligt plats för iranska flyktingar därför att den kurdiska regeringen samarbetar med iran också hela irak är farliga för iranska flyktingar
många kurdiska aktivister försvann i Norra Irak abbas baygani bayzidi karim kazhal och just nu mawlud afand
Kurdiska journalisten mawlud afand som jobbade med israel kurds månatligs tidningen i Norra Irak kidnappade av Iranska agenter i irakiska kurdistan med hjälp av Sherzad Omar och några personer till.
Han reste inte frivillig till staden Sulaimaniyah tvärtom han bedövade med anestesimedel av iranska agenter och överförde till iranska konsulatet i Erbil och därifrån körde dem med diplomatisk bil (eller med Sherzad Omars bil som är en svart bil, man kan se ute inifrån men utanfrån man kan inte se bmw 6 series 2003 bil nummer 1158 obs nummert är tillfälligt dahuk) till Sulaimaniyah sedan överförde över gränsen mellan Iran och Irak bashmax.
Därför att en kvinna skulle besöka honom den 8 juni, men det fanns en annan man i mawluds lägenhet som plockade hans saker till en skåpbil mannen heter Sherzad Omar, en man till som kallade sig saro och plockade mawluds datorer och alla hans värde saker förde till en skåpbil och körde i väg, hon skulle fråga Sherzad, men han hotade henne om hon försvinner inte därifrån det kommer att hända henne då hon blev rädd och sprang därifrån.
Denna kurdiska journalisten som försvann i Irakiska kurdistan har fängslats i Iranska konsulatet till den 12 juni, men efter den 12 juni klockan 17:30 körde i väg med en svart bil mot staden Sulaimaniyah han fängslade i Iranska konsulatet i Sulaimaniyah fram till den 13 juni klockan 21:00 därifrån överförde över gränsen mellan iran och Irak till Iran.
Den 14 juni Iranska agenter förde honom till staden kermanshah därifrån förde till staden sannandej stannade där fram till den 15 juni därifrån förde Iranska säkerhetspolis honom till mahabad hans hemstad.
Den 17 juni överförde honom till tabriz därifrån vidare till tehran.
Just nu han sitter under kränkande och svårighets tortyr av Iranska underrättelsetjänsten i Tehran.
Mvh israel kurd europa
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