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tisdag 26 mars 2013

Germany: Kurdish woman killed by her husband

Germany: Kurdish woman killed by her husband

ANF news agency reported that the woman’s name is Yusra Sukaya and she is from Gmgm area of Mush city in the northern Kurdistan, it’s been years they have settled in Germany. On March 8, 2013, her husband Mohammad Sukay murdered her.

It’s reported that after the incident, the husband took their 3 kids and went back to Turkey.
It’s also reported that it’s been two years that woman faces violence on this day, the woman has filed complaints a few times but she has cancelled it due to the pressure from her surroundings.
Halabja: lives of a number of chemical attack women survivors are in danger
25 years ago, on March 16, 1988 Baath regime bombarded Halabja town and the surrounding areas of Sharazwr by chemical weapon.

After 25 years of the criminal act of Baath regime, and rebuilding Halabja after the uprising in 1991, some of the survivors of the chemical attack still suffer from their injuries.

In a statement to Warvin, Kamil Abdulqadir, the spokesman of the committee of the victims of the chemical bombardment said that there are 171 survivors in Halabja area who need continuous treatment, 80 of them are woman and some of them are in a bad health condition.

“The problem is these survivors need to go to Iran to receive treatment once in a while, but some of them cannot be treated in Iran either, they should stay under the doctor’s supervision continuously.” He added.

Kamil Abdulqadir stated that the women organizations should take serious actions and do their best to help those women survivors in order to improve their health conditions.

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