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torsdag 15 december 2016

360 HDP members arrested and 1831 others detained since October

360 HDP members arrested and 1831 others detained since October-

Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) Deputy Co-president Aysel Tuğluk announced that 2 thousand 360 people arrested and 8 thousand 432 people have been detained during the political genocide operations against the HDP since 22 July 2015.

 Tuğluk stated that 360 HDP members have been arrested and 1831 other have been detained over the past two months, and more than 400 HDP members have been detained since December 12 only.

Aysel Tuğluk gave the following details on the detentions and arrests of HDP members:
“1- 21 HDP Provincial Co-presidents, 44 HDP District Co-presidents, 17 DBP Provincial Co-presidents and 42 DBP District Co-presidents have been arrested since July, 2015.
2- 12 HDP parliamentarians, 3 Executive Committee members and 3 Caucus members have been arrested since July, 2015.
3- 62 Co-mayors and Deputy Co-mayors have been arrested, 57 Co-mayors have been dismissed and 10 Co-mayors have been detained so far. Trustees have been appointed to 43 DBP municipalities.
4- 434 people including 16 HDP Provincial Co-presidents have been detained since December 12.
Below is the geographical and numerical distribution of recent detentions:
İstanbul: 30
Adana: 34
Mersin: 82
Ankara: 16
Manisa: 6
İzmir: 15
Hakkâri: 2
Urfa: 104
Antep: 47
Kayseri: 6
Balıkesir: 7
Erzincan: 7
Eskişehir: 9
Hatay: 25
Iğdır: 6
Antalya: 4
Bitlis: 4
Muğla: 9
Niğde: 1
Van: 22
Toplam: 434
HDP Deputy Co-president Aysel Tuğluk stated that police officers raided and damaged the HDP headquarters in Istanbul, Ayvalık, Edremit and Eskişehir, and unidentified persons have attacked and set on fire the HDP offices in Yalova, Büyükçekmece, İskenderun, Konya, Adalar, Balıkesir and Kayseri since December 11.

Source: Firat News Agency

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