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onsdag 14 december 2016

HDP parliamentarians Çağlar Demirel and Besime Konca arrested

HDP parliamentarians Çağlar Demirel and Besime Konca arrested.

HDP Group Deputy Chairperson Çağlar Demirel is on trial where prosecutors demand a 23 year sentence, and during the latest hearing she was detained citing the intelligence reports that claimed that she would “flee the country”. She has since been arrested.

Konca had been released on probation after being transferred to court with a demand for her arrest in Batman. She was detained again in the evening when the prosecutor appealed, in the Diyarbakır Courthouse while she was following Demirel’s hearing. Konca gave her statement over SEGBİS video conference system in the Diyarbakır Courthouse to Batman Criminal Court of Peace. The court decided for Konca’s arrest.

Source: Firat News Agency

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