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måndag 19 december 2016

Karaylan: Turkey is deceiving its people

Karaylan: Turkey is deceiving its people.

NEWS DESK– PKK’s executive Murat Karaylan stated that the Turkish state is hiding the truth of what is happening in al-Bab from the Turkish society and said that Kurdistan Hawks Movement(TAK) is not breaking international rules of war.
Murat Karaylan pointed out that all powers are seeking to adopt new policies depending on the US’ after president-elect Donald Trump takes his position, and also pointed to the Syrian and Russian policies after Aleppo battle.
Turkey has given up its siblings in Aleppo
Karaylan touched upon the Turkish policies in Syria saying they would fail, it is not Jabhit al-Nusra or the so-called Free Army indeed it is Erdogan and his party who lost, and noted that Turkey has given up whom it called siblings in Aleppo for its agreement with Russia of al-Bab for Aleppo.
Karaylan pointed out that Turkey is hiding the truth from the Turkish public and said” Turkey failed seizing al-Bab, but it is hiding its defeat and number of mortalities in al-Bab, the number is much higher than declared.
“Even using atomic bombs Turkey would not handicap Kurds”
Karaylan said that the status quo in the Middle East is changing now and every power is aiming at reinforcing its policies” Turkey however would not succeed in that as it is majorly working on handicapping Kurds’ gain of their rights, that is to say, opposing and denying Kurds’ rights”
Karaylan said” in 1920, Kurds rights were not recognized and they were divided because they were weak and away from the field of politics, but Kurds today have become a rising star in the region, so the Turkish aims would not work at handicapping Kurds progress in the Middle East from establishing their own body, even AKP using the atomic bomb against Kurdistan Workers Party and Kurds in Bakur.
Karaylan said that AKP is responsible for the victims of the present ongoing war in Turkey and Bakur Kurdistan” PKK never appealed of war, but the Kurds natural rights remaining denied, the PKK would not remain silent about it and will repel that”
Police members are not innocent children
Karaylan said” police members in the democratic states are taking the responsibility of protecting civilians but these are trained to kill people, did not they kill Berkin Elvan, Ethem Sarisuluk and Dîlek Dogan? These are not innocent children, but a war force, and any operation targeting them is not violating international war rules”.
 “We are committed to war rules”
Commenting on the operations TAK launched, he said” we have already criticized some of their operations, but not all of them are negative for example some were carried out in the context of war rules, and so we do not consider them wrong operations according to international rules of war”.

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