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söndag 11 december 2016

Turkish regime the world's largest terrorist regime

Turkish regime the world's largest terrorist regime
in the Turkish culture is so those who talk about human rights, the Turkish fascist regime calls them terrorists.
But in principle the Turkish barbaric and fascist regime itself is the world's largest terrorist regime.
The Turkish military totally enlarge the Kurdish homes and killing Kurdish civilians in northern Kurdistan, but the world keeps silent about what is happening in Turkey against the Kurdish people.
And today, Erdogan wants to play games such as anti-American and want to stop the dollar in Turkey a few days ago, Erdogan spoke about so that the Turks should not use US dollars more ..
Edogan is an anti-democratic, and he really wants to become the Sultan of Turkey wants to acquire a strong dictatorial regime.
on the other hand, the Turkish military attacked the Kurdish people in northern Syria continues to bombard the Kurdish YPG forces

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