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söndag 18 december 2016

SIS the islmaic brutal terrorist set US$1 million reward for killing Danish girl who fought with Kurds

SIS the islmaic brutal terrorist  set US$1 million reward for killing Danish girl who fought with Kurds.

Baghdad ( Islamic State media said on Saturday the extremist group had set a one million dollars reward for killing a Danish politics student who dropped out of school in 2014 to fight the group as part of Kurdish forces.
Joanna Palani, 23, who has Iranian and Kurdish origins, is now facing six months in prison and had her passport confiscated upon her return home last year for breaking national laws preventing citizens from fighting for foreign countries.
“How can I pose a threat to Denmark and other countries by being a soldier in an official army that Denmark trains and supports directly in the fight against the Islamic State?” she posted on Facebook after being subjected to a travel ban.
The first session of her trial over breaking travel restrictions is slated for December 20th, according to local newspaper Belingske Tidende.
Palani was born in a refugee camp in Iraq’s city of Ramadi during the Gulf War, and migrated to Denmark during her childhood. Her father and grandfather were members of Kurdish army troops, the Peshmerga.

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