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fredag 16 december 2016

Warning Turkish regime committed the crimes against humanity in northern Kurdistan. Turkish soldiers raped many Kurdish women in northern Kurdistan.

Warning Turkish regime committed the crimes against humanity in northern Kurdistan.
Turkish soldiers raped many Kurdish women in northern Kurdistan.
Since Turkish special police killed many Kurdish children from 1 Month to 15 years old.
Turkish Military totally destroyed Kurdish cities.

Cizre, Sur sernax and other Kurdish cities are totally destroyed by the Turkish military.
several Kurdish family forced to live under the tent that many Kurdish children and the elderly being killed because of the cold.
and many children and families in northern Kurdistan disappeared during the war against the Kurdish people by the Turkish fascist regime.
Therefore, we urge the international courts to make a wanted against Erdogan as war criminals.
Erdogan is a war criminal because Erdogan committed crimes against humanity.
Erdogan regime's forces are using all the torture methods against Kurdish youth in northern Kurdistan and that is a great crime against humanity.
Therefore, today the Kurdish people in Northern Kurdistan need international help to defend itself from Turkish barbaric violent regime.
Today Turkish barbaric, fascist and racist regime attack the Kurdish people in northern Syria, it means that the Turkish regime of a racist and fascist regime and anti Kurdish people, and the Kurds today need international help to defend themselves to the Turkish fascist regime could not attacks more Kurdish people.

ECHR demands written statement from Turkey on Cizre and Sur cases'

ECHR announced that some complaints voiced in the appeals made by several people on the Turkish state’s curfews and massacres, including in Cizre and Sur and decided to demand a written statement on forced confinement in houses, mistreatment, failure to take necessary precautions to protect right to life and other such subjects.

The applicants stated in their complaints that the European Convention on Human Rights Articles 2, 3 and 5 (the right to life, the ban on torture and the right to freedom and security) have been violated.
The ECHR declaration stated that some applicants and their legal representatives have been detained and arrested and that there are complaints that the government does not comply with the temporary injunction issued in line with Article 39 of the Court Bylaws.
According to the ECHR, more than 40 appeals have been made since December 2015 by more than 160 people for temporary injunctions to be issued regarding the curfews declared by the governors and district governors since August 2015 in some villages and towns in Northern Kurdistan.
The declaration pointed out the previous temporary injunctions issued by the ECHR and mentioned that the decrees were lifted because 4 of the 5 people whose appeals were accepted lost their lives in the hospital and the fifth was hospitalized.
The ECHR declaration pointed out that most of the 43 people who were stranded in basements of 3 buildings in Cizre lost their lives shortly, and the deaths were claimed to be as a result of security forces’ bombings, and continued:
“Relatives of some of the applicants who lost their lives have declared that they want to continue pursuing the case. During the inspection of the injunctions, the ECHR has decided to prioritize most of the 34 applications according to the Article 41 titled “Order of handling for applications” of the Court Bylaws.”
The prioritized applications are as follows:
Abdullah Kaplan – Turkey (no. 4159/16) Adem Tunç – Turkey (no. 4552/16) 1 According to Article 54 of the Court Bylaws, the Chamber that consists of 7 judges may inform the government of a state that is a party to the Convention that an appeal against said state is under investigation. 2 Ahmet and Zeynep Tunç – Turkey (no. 4133/16) Ahmet Tunç – Turkey (no. 39419/16) Alpaydıncı and others – Turkey (no. 10088/16) Altun – Turkey (no. 4353/16) Balcal and others – Turkey (no. 8699/16) Bedri and Halime Düzgün – Turkey (no. 901/16) Çağlak – Turkey (no. 2200/16) Cengiz Abiş and others – Turkey (no. 10079/16) Dağlı and others – Turkey (no. 6990/16) Dolan – Turkey (no. 9414/16) Erkaplan – Turkey (no. 10085/16) Eroğlu – Turkey (no. 478/16) Geçim – Turkey (no. 5332/16) Görgöz – Turkey (no. 480/16) İnan – Turkey (no. 2105/16) Irmak – Turkey (no. 5628/16) Karaduman and Çiçek – Turkey (no. 6758/16) Karaman – Turkey (no. 5237/16) Kaya – Turkey (no. 9712/16) Koç and others – Turkey (no. 8536/16) Ömer Elçi – Turkey (no. 63129/15) Öncü – Turkey (no. 4817/16) Oran – Turkey (no. 1905/16) Paksoy – Turkey (no. 3758/16) Sarıyıldız – Turkey (no. 4684/16) Seniha Sürer and others – Turkey (no. 10073/16) Seviktek – Turkey (no. 2005/16) Sultan and Süleyman Düzgün – Turkey (no. 891/16) Tunç and Yerbasan – Turkey (no. 31542/16) Uysal – Turkey (no. 63133/15) Vesek – Turkey (no. 63138/15) Yavuzel and others – Turkey (no. 5317/16).

Source: Firat News Agency

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