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torsdag 22 december 2016

Kurdish community system “KCK” respond to Nechirvan Barzani’s declaration

Kurdish community system “KCK” respond to Nechirvan Barzani’s declaration

Kurdish community system respond on Tuesday, 20th December, the declaration launched by the President of Iraq’s Kurdistan Regional Government, “Nechirvan Barzani,” a week ago about the Western Kurdistan, “Roj-Ava” and Chenkal As regards the presence of Gerilla fighters.

According to the Foreign Relations Committee of Kurdish community system “KCK” in a statement to the public opinion, that was announced by Mr. Nechirvan Barzani is unfair and sentimental. what he said about Chenkal and Roj-ava is totally unacceptable, would never be commensurate with the free Kurdish struggle and developments benevolent on the scene of Kurdish in a stage requires us harmonization of national classes.
The statement:
” Kurdistan Gerilla has shown resistance against Daesh in Chenkal, and liberated Yazidi people, Gerilla is not rob Chenkal of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, but defended it from Daesh attacks, and opened the way for the Peshmerga to go to Chenkal.
Gerilla was with Relief of Yazidis, and helped to build a defensive center and have them in them, and all what is being said that there is no administrative power and defensive in Chenkal, connecting everything to the “PKK” away from reality and truth. “
The Kurdistan Democratic is blocking Chenkal, they do not allow anyone to help, and also not allow the delegates to visit Chenkal, so what needs to be done is to end the siege of the Kurdistan Democratic on Chenkal, units are resistant Chenkal and administrative institutions as not to hinder the arrival of aid to Chenkal.
What Barzani says far from the truth. instead of his declaration, he should claim the delivery of aid to the people.
Nechirvan has to do his duty towards them as well as administrative organizations in Chenkal and the Peshmerga forces, in addition to units of resistance Chenkal.
Citizens will not accept Chenkal to come back to the after the genocide on August 3, 2014, because of what happened against them was caused by a lack of administrative and defensive organization, while the Kurdistan Democratic Party seeks to bring them back to that era.
No one can accuse the “PKK” as Chenkal faced. Kurdistan Gerilla prevented Daesh from occupation Chenkal, and when the people Chenkal in the worst stages of the thousands of fighters from the People’s Protection Units and some of Gerilla forces by making a historical epic to save the Yazidis, siege of Chenkal and launch threats are unacceptable politically and morally “.
The duty of Nechirvan Barzani as head of the government is to solve the situation of Chenkal through administrative regulations for the people of Chenkal not through threats and intimidation.
The Kurdistan Democratic Party of duty as well as any Kurdistani force is to promote building self-defense and an administrative system to Chenkal democratic cooperation, workers and the Kurdistan National Union. “
Turkish State exercises advertising war against Roj-Ava, and Mr. Nechirvan Barzani says Roj-Ava and revolution often hear from Turkish officials. Roj-Ava revolution promoted a free and democratic revolution, and became a model for the world, so what Barzani and Turkish officials say is not true.
Mr. Nechirvan can any other political figure to criticize the revolution promoted Ava, but what about Barzani said that “the Kurdistan Workers impose themselves on Roj-Ava, they will lead to destruction and they will destroy the revolution,” … words are not valuable to someone in his position.
“PKK” a legitimate force that is fighting for the freedom of the Kurdish people, and one of the most important is successful of Roj- Ava revolution which brings the power of the Kurdish people in Southern Kurdistan.
As long as we call for the unity of political organizations in the Roj-Ava and urge repeatedly to abide by all political forces and organizations security laws and brave in Roj-Ava, in addition to allow them to work in a free and a democratic way. We pointed out the need to solve each problem in inside Roj-Ava democratically. We always confirmed in continuing with the Kurdistan Democratic Party to consolidate national unity, and the accession of all the political forces at all levels.
We continue to pursue with the Kurdistan Democratic Party in order to solve any problem in the Roj-Ava and Chenkal, so the launch such as Nechirvan Barzani’s declaration is wrong, and accuse our movement is not a positive attitude. We were waiting for, the declaration should be responsible, accurate and commensurate to the principles of dialogue.
At the conclusion of the statement of the Foreign Relations Committee of the Kurdish community system, he indicated that the cause of the system response to Barzani’s declaration, said, “What we were forced to respond to those statements is that they came in front of international representatives in the forum.”

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