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måndag 10 april 2017

39-year-old Uzbek Rakhmat Akilov, having lived previously in Turkey and had contact with

Erdogan threatens Eu
a month ago, Erdogan threatened European countries it can be Erdogan to be behind the incident as he did so against the Swedish people
39-year-old Uzbek Rakhmat Akilov, having lived previously in Turkey and had contact with
 isis before coming to Sweden, he always visited the Turkish Embassy in Stockholm ... Uzbek Rakhmat Akilovsom now sits arrested for terrorist homicide, applied in November 2014 for a residence permit in Sweden under the name Rahmatjon Kurbonov.

He stated that the Uzbek authorities arrested him in connection with a demonstration and subjected him to torture. If he were forced to return home, his safety is threatened.

Migration Board considered, however, is not the story as sufficiently credible, partly because the data on torture is not substantiated by a medical report. In addition, Rakhmat Akilov may not be able to prove their identity without stating several different names. The result was that he was denied June 15, 2016.

Rakhmat Akilov and his legal representative Madeleine Käärik appealed to the Migration Court. Again, it was judged that he had no protection. The political situation in Uzbekistan constituted in itself no general danger, according to the court. Neither succeeded Rakhmat Akilov strength that right, he would be subject to a threat by the state.

"His story is not perceived in any part of self-perceived why he was therefore not considered to have done their need for protection is likely. Some circumstances that would qualify for a residence permit under Chapter 5. § 6 of the Aliens Act (2005: 716) has come, "reads the judgment of September, 2016.

Among other questioned Migration Court description of the alleged demonstration and subsequent imprisonment:

"Further examples of data Rahmatjon Kurbonov left is perceived as vague, conditions in prison, what it looked like and what it was in other respects was there. This he should reasonably have been able to describe in some detail about nine days. He also has no information to offer on the experience of other protesters, even though he knew many of them, "wrote the court.

On the question of what would have happened after the arrest said Rakhmat Akilov he escaped being condemned because his brother paid 10,000 dollars in bribes. Although this Court considered unlikely because he has not been able to present any details on the money and the handing over of these.

Immigration Court stated that Rakhmat Akilovs story "stepped up" and strengthened during the process. In contrast, an indication that he is accused of terrorism passing in passing, which is also regarded as strange.

During the hearing, Rakhmat Akilov that he came from a wealthy family and that his wife and children were left at home. The trip to Sweden was made by truck via Denmark, and was organized by his brother. But neither of these points were considered 39-year-old leaving a sustainable story.

"In summary, meets Rahmatjon Kurbonov not the conditions for being granted a residence permit in Sweden, and he could therefore not obtain status declaration or travel documents," concluded the court.

The decision was appealed to the Migration Court, which is December 14, 2016 announced the reasons for the appeal were missing. After that, Rakhmat Akilov four weeks to leave the country voluntarily. When this did not happen handed Migration Board case to the police for execution in February this year.

DN has been in contact with the attorney Madeleine Käärik. She would not answer any questions on the matter.

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