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fredag 5 maj 2017

Biography network administrator GEM; "Said Karimiyan

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As we have investigated about Saeedd Karimian and Saeed Karimian, nothing had to do with Iran's largest organization Mojahedin Khalegh.
Saeed Karimians pictures as he was basij in Iran when Iran and Iraq had war.
Saeed Karimian lived in Turkey and worked for a while with human smugglers with Turkish mafia. Since he became spicy and tried to become a businessman and acted with an Arab businessman from Kuwait until he was killed by any ill person.
This image of the Iranian regime did with photoshop and then despatched the fake pictures published by Iranian newspapers and the Iranian intelligence website habilan

Biography network administrator GEM; "Said Karimiyan
In the wake of the terror network administrator Gem tv, network
Said Karimiyan born in 1969 in the border city Cain was born. continued undergraduate education.

Said Karimiyan about two years at the University of Basel was studying but since the remarriage of his mother was opposed to neglect his uncle faced the other hand, could the high cost of living and tuition fees provide; finally forced to leave school and in 1998 he was living in Los Angeles with his brother Hadi Karimiyan, go.

Karimiyan conductor at Radio Voice of Iran (the first 24-hour Farsi-language radio was established in America) was active, his brother had a job offer. Karimiyan family political history of Iran were ideal for the official radio voice and why articles Karimiyan Said the radio operators were considered.

After a year and 9 months in the Iranian Radio and economic recovery Said Karimiyan, his "Roya Rezai" married. Activity in Radio Iran until the TV of Los Angeles not spread to the conductor and Saeed Karimiyan good job, but gradually with the establishment and development of mushroom TV of Los Angeles Persian Market radios English language, particularly radio voice of influence was.

Said Karimiyan in 2005 years that I was considered a business in one of his travels met with Gholam Reza Farahani. Saeed Farahani Karimiyan worked for several months and during this time he was more familiar.

Gholam Reza Farahani that the history of political and media Said Karimiyan heard with enormous budget through embezzlement in the hand and brought it to the bank rate data transmission, and of course with investments Said and conductor Karimiyan in 2006 and London's network name (GEM TV) was founded.

The network since its inception in 2006 paid just music. But since 2009 the network expanded into two parts network Jam Jam classical music and became deformed. Jam music to an external network addresses and network music videos Jam classic series and several movies, most of them from Turkey is concerned.

Persian jam band networks with entertainment programs broadcast from London in the UK. It is one of the television networks' band and general entertainment »General Entertainment and Music Group is.

Jam along with broadcast TV programs dubbed in Farsi. Jam offices in Dubai, London, Istanbul, Antalya, Kuala Lumpur, Los Angeles, Erbil and so on. It has dozens of titles Jam Cartoon Network, Kurdish Jam, Jam usa, Jam Sports (10 networks) and for different audiences.
Saeed Karimian in Turkey cooperates with Turkish intelligence until he was killed

The Crime: Murder
The Victims: Saeed Karimian, 45, was the CEO of Gem TV, a Persian language TV company that produced dubbed foreign and Western TV shows into Persian. They have 17 different Persian-language channels, as well as three others in Kurdish, Azeri and Arabic. He was found dead with his Kuwaiti business partner.
The Weapon: Masked gunmen opened fire on Karimian and his business partner while they were sitting in a car on Saturday evening
The Location: The murder took place in the Maslak neighbourhood of Istanbul. The vehicle allegedly used in the attack was found burned.
The Suspects: The Turkish government said the killing may have been related to business and gang violence. However, the family told the BBC that Karimian had been threatened by the Iranian regime over the past three months and was planning to leave Istanbul for London as a result.
The Motives: Karimian was previously found guilty in absentia by the Iranian regime and sentenced to six months imprisonment for spreading propaganda against Iran by a court in Tehran.

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