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onsdag 10 maj 2017

Please. Read this. Your voice is needed !!

Please. Read this. Your voice is needed !!

It was an early morning as it all happened. At a party in an apartment in Örebro a 20-year-old woman was brutally raped and beaten by two men. One of the men was not satisfied with the rape but when the woman tried to fly and jump out of the window he stopped her. He hit her face and burned her with a glowing cigarette. The woman eventually managed, only wearing a t-shirt fleeing offenders. She went to a nearby house and showed the wounds on her body. It was a terrible tragedy that still plagues the woman today. Imagine that pain, emptiness and humiliation.

The case went to the district court and with lots of evidence, it was agreed - there was no snack - the men should be judged. One had DNA evidence in the form of sperm. The other one also had DNA evidence in the form of DNA from a cigarette fimp. The former was sentenced to two years, while the other was imprisoned for four and a half years for gross rape and abuse.

But then there comes that dilemma; With a court of law recently chosen to lift them after they chose men to test whether they could get sympathy and find happiness. The court of law passed a new trial opened. Join the men again. In with the woman. Forgive my word-practice now, but the court of appeal rightly said pissed on the raped woman and turned everything upside down. But the evidence could not even hide the court of law. However, there was a loophole in the legislation that reduced the punishment for the perpetrators.

One of the men who had been sentenced by the District Court for two years sentenced the court to 12 weeks (!) Prison; A penalty he does not have to sit down when he has already been arrested for 17 weeks before the sentence came. This means that he can also claim compensation from the Swedish state for the remaining 5 weeks! The second offender was completely released from rape. He was also not convicted of assisting in rape or failure to reveal crimes. That was something that the Court of Appeal did not think about. He was sentenced to six months in prison for abuse. But even he has been in that period before the judgment came and is thus conditional release.

It is not possible to shut up because three of the five who clubed the ruling were men. All of them voted for the verdict of the District Court. One went so far that he wanted to see that the perpetrators were completely detached. On the other side of the desk were two women who just thought the other way around. But the women were in minority and therefore this terrible judgment could become reality.

Listen! Judges in a sexual offense investigation must NEVER consist of predominant men. At the same time, only judges with experience and education in sexual offenses should make these decisions. No snack!

This young girl listened to me. Her great wish was that her voice would reach out and the truth would come forth. One of the perpetrators now assumes that it is actually the woman who owes and pardons the event by jokingly telling how much he will be in compensation. At the same time, the woman lives with constant fear and traumatic memories that torment her. I do not want to disappoint you nice friend. I want to realize your wish and I know there are more people who want to convey your story. At the same time, my inbox completes a message that deals with women and children who have experienced similar things. A judiciary who completely turned them back. As total kicked on people lying, with zero understanding of their dark experiences.

We need to get our masters to understand. There is something fundamentally wrong with the judiciary's view of sexual offenses. A view that requires review and that must be removed! Let's never stop fighting for these vulnerable women and children and let's always carry on their voices!

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