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onsdag 3 maj 2017

Rojava accelerates diplomatic efforts after Turkey’s attacks

Rojava accelerates diplomatic efforts after Turkey’s attacks
After the Turkish state violated international treaties and rules and bombed Rojava and Shengal on April 25, Rojava has accelerated diplomatic efforts in Europe.

Rojava Europe Representative Sinam Mohamad gave a speech in the May Day celebrations in Swedish capital Stockholm with thousands of participants. Mohamad exposed the Turkish state’s approach towards Rojava and called on the masses to support the Syrian Democratic Forces and the peoples of Rojava who resist ISIS gangs and the Turkish state.
Mohamad is conducting popular diplomacy by meeting with representatives from NGOs and speaking in demonstrations and also meeting with MPs and council members in the Swedish Parliament and the Stockholm Municipality.
Mohamad met with MPs yesterday in the parliament and came together with Stockholm Municipality administrators and Kurdish Solidarity Association officials in the evening. Rojava Sweden Representative Sterk Kardoxi and anti-genocide human rights organization Kurdocide Watch CHAK Chair Azad Heydari were also present in the Rojava committee.
Stockholm Public Works and Settlement Director Ann-Margarethe Livh who is also in the administration for Kurdish Solidarity Association, City Council Members Ann Mari Engel and Naile Aras also attended the meeting where Mohamad spoke on the egalitarian and democratic system the peoples built together in Rojava, ISIS gangs’ and the Turkish state’s attacks and massacres aiming to destroy the democratic system in Rojava.
It was unanimously decided in the meeting that joint projects with the women’s organizations and NGOs in Rojava will be carried out. By the beginning of June, a wider meeting will be held where political and social developments in Rojava and Social Democrat Labor Party and Environment Party Greens will be invited.
Stockholm Public Works and Settlement Director and the Left Party Group Chair Ann-Margarethe Livh spoke to the ANF after the meeting and said: “Attacks on Rojava by ISIS on one hand and the Turkish state on the other are quite concerning. All countries and politicians in the world should take a stance on what is happening. The European Union and most of the European countries are silent in the face of Erdoğan’s practices. This silence that encourages Erdoğan’s attacks is horrifying.”
Livh said they will carry out joint projects, expose attacks by ISIS and the Turkish state and improve solidarity with Rojava.
ANF also spoke with Sinam Mohamad on Rojava’s diplomatic efforts in European countries.
Mohamad stated that with the revolution in Rojava, they started diplomatic relations with several countries including the US and Canada, and they aimed to deliver the demands of the peoples of Rojava to other countries and peoples. She continued with the following:
“At the state we are in, we have diplomatic relations with a lot of European countries. In time these relationships develop further and the countries’ interest in Rojava grows. We ran into some trouble at first due to obstructions by the Turkish lobby, but as European countries saw the true face of Erdoğan and the Turkish state, they transitioned into a friendlier approach. They learned about the democratic system we founded. We didn’t only defend ourselves against ISIS, we also defended European cities. European countries and the peoples of Europe saw this. We have reached a point where we can conduct high level and effective diplomacy. We earned friendship and support from not only countries, but from peoples and NGOs. From the beginning, we insistently spoke about the system in Rojava and our goals. Peoples and countries understand and support us. After the terror attacks ISIS carried out in European countries, people understood who we fight against and what we fight for better.”
Mohamad said although they carry out successful diplomatic efforts, they think of them as insufficient and thus they are engaging in more organizing efforts. She also criticized the European countries for not taking a clear stance against the Turkish state’s latest bombings on Rojava.
Mohamad said the Turkish state still has power to pressure European countries. “Europe is being hypocritical. On one hand they say they support us, and on the other they are trying to shut down our television networks. This goes against the fundamental democratic values and freedom of expression that Europe defends. It is impossible for us to accept this,” continued Mohamad and stressed that they will not allow silencing of the peoples’ voices.

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