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tisdag 2 maj 2017

Statistics report- Detailed human rights violations in East Kurdistan March 2017

Statistics report- Detailed human rights violations in East Kurdistan 2017

Kurdistan Human Rights Association of each month, monthly reports of human rights violations in East Kurdistan Islamic Republic of Iran collects and publishes. March report, Human Rights Association Kurdistan Islamic Republic of Iran with regard to human rights violations in East Kurdistan.
In March, we have witnessed human rights violations in East Kurdistan, where the Islamic Republic of Iran in various forms of collective and individual rights violated society.
Detention of citizens, political and civil activists this month also was one of the main human rights violations in Kurdistan, killing and wounding of another important innocent civilians who was also the victim of this month. Business centers such as workshops and factories closed, unemployment and other social problems of the Kurdish community, which has faced a crisis. Violation of women’s rights, women’s self-immolation suicide of items that still gripping the Kurdistan East and this month also fell victim to his place.
Arrest – Prison
Farzaneh Jalali civil rights and women’s rights in the 12of March 2017, was released temporarily on bail three hundred million dollars.
Monday 27 of March 2017, two citizens of Kurdish people “Bokan” in East Kurdistan with the name “Saeed Rshidzadh” 26 years old “Amanj Gorbani” 29 years old, for unknown reasons by security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran, arrested and transported to an unknown location moved .
Civil and labor activists detained in the Kurdish cities and Kurdish Kamyaran “East Kurdistan” in a state of uncertainty are living in the last few weeks after the arrest of several labor activists and civil society in Kamyaran and Sanandaj were arrested by security forces.
Security forces in the city of Marivan in Kurdistan East, during mass arrests, at least twenty people were arrested, some of whom are members of village councils and institutions of the city’s environment.
Saturday 18 March forces in Sanandaj Intelligence office without a warrant mother “Mohammad Ghavami” in Chamran Blvd. searched the house raided by applying pressure and intimidation have frightened his family.
Wednesday night 15 of March, plainclothes Islamic Republic accompanied by someone named Abbas Gholami known as Abbas Lak, stormed the house, “Afshin Sohrabi zadeh” political prisoners cord and searched the house, injuring the mother of the imprisoned Kurdish region head were.
The Court of Appeal hearing date Saeed Shirzad, a political prisoner in as Rajai Shahr Prison Karaj after a year and a half of preliminary court date was determined.
Thursday March 9 special forces stormed the prison of Urmia political prisoners and prisoners of inspection and destruction of property, handwritten Saeed Sangar which is one of the prisoners in this prison cord old record and took with them.
22 of February 2017, 4 Kurdish civilians from the village “Gamish Gulli” functions Miyandoab , namely (Kayvan Tahazadh, Milad Abdi, Halmat Abdolahi, Saeed Siahi) last year were arrested either on bail on parole were released after finally, the court set up to investigate their case by the court of the Islamic Republic of Iran sentenced to 60 years in prison were mentioned.
Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence Farzaneh Jalali with her family was not allowed to visit.
Monday 6 March 2017, the appeals court Osman Ismaili and Mahmoud Salehi was held at Branch 4.
Kurdish labor activist Mahmoud Salehi  after 29 years was held and interrogated again.
Sunday 5 March, intelligence agents of the Islamic Republic in the city of Sanandaj, by entering the workplace two names (Mozafar Salehi Nia) and (Sharif Saedpanah) activist Union of Workers in the city of Sanandaj they have said, that the right to vote in there is no social workers.
Sunday 5 of March, two prisoners named (Yousef Alizadeh, 80 years and from Khoy) and also (Ramazan Sabazi from Maku ) is charged with murder in prison, and the earlier death sentences have been approved for execution in solitary confinement in Urmia moved respectively.
Tuesday 14 of March 2017, in Orumiyeh Central Prison, 4 people named (Changiz Badozadeh, Abdul Wahed Hamedi, Kyomars Faridan and Akram Hassanzadeh) were hanged.
Friday the third of March 2017, two Kurdish prisoners in the prison of Urmia in Kurdistan East Central Prison for the execution of paragraph 15 were transferred to solitary confinement.
6 March this year, two Kurdish prisoners transferred to solitary confinement were given, Were hanged. Ramazan Sabzi fromMaku and Yousef Alizadeh from Khoy in East Kurdistan were sentenced to death for the murder of two prisoners today that the death sentence was carried out.
Innocent Civilians
Wednesday 29 March, in the region of Alan Sardasht, the Border Regiment Islamic Republic of Iran on the a kurdish innocent civilian called ” Omid Gohari” 26 years old opened fire as a result was severely injured.
Wednesday 22 March 2017, four innocent civilians the city of Khoy in an avalanche in the districts of East Kurdistan lost their lives.
Tuesday seventh of March 1395, in the border region “Avajiq” functions Chalderan, the border forces of the Islamic Republic on a kurdish innocent civilian name (Saeed Hassan Vash 28 years old married and has one child and  Arabkendi village) opened fire and he Sorrows died.
The Killing
Friday 17 March 2017,Rubicon East and North Kurdistan, the security forces stationed in the village, “Galali” functions of Maku in East Kurdistan by several people shoot with the result that Kurdish civilians from the village of Galali called “Ghader Assam» and an Afghan citizen were killed.
A kurdish innocent civilian from the village of “Dovaysa” profile “Nasser Dryayar 13 March 2017, col” Thatta “in the province of Sanandaj in Kurdistan East due to severe frost and hail died.
In areas of Sardasht East Kurdistan Iranian Islamic Republic security forces shoot straight with a innocent civilian lost his life.
On Thursday 2 March 2017, law enforcement Islamic Republic of Iran city Nosoud Nowdeshah functions, the car shot that killed the businessman was working.
A 17 years kurdish old innocent civilian  that comes with 4 other innocent civiliansmountainous border region “Beaveran” functions Sardasht city were caught in a blizzard, died as a result of frostbite.
The Workers
Kurdish-class job of a worker in a residential complex located in Azadi Street 6 fall down and loses his life.
Friday 3 March of this year, a villager Zubaran District Ghochan Bajgiran  around the village with bullets failed to exercise faced Corps and the bullet explodes. He died on the severity of injuries.
North Kurdistan
Representative of the Peoples’ Democratic Party, Selahaddin Demirtaş joint head of the party, the Democratic People’s Party of Regions common Sbaht Tunceli President Abdullah Zidane and his party represented in the prison, went on hunger strike to protest the policies of the Turkish government.
Turkey’s Diyarbakir Heavy Criminal Court Diyarbakr(Amed) north of Kurdistan, Kamran Yüksekova Reconciliation and Democracy Party co-chair D.b.p on charges of membership in an illegal organization and sentenced to 8 years and 9 months in prison. The same court in northern Kurdistan yesterday, March 28. The case related to ((K.j.k) since 2009 began, ended and 99 politicians Kurdish a total of 1 thousand 109 years, 10 months and 22 days in prison .
Mardin already 8 of them prisoners had started a hunger strike turns today 40 other prisoners also joined the strike.
Turkish court in the town of Nusaybin North Kurdistan, the Kurdish artist “Zara Dogan”, 3 years prison sentence issued. The report suggests that “Zara Dogan” charged with drawing pictures of ruins in the northern Kurdistan is in prison.
On 21 March 2017, which coincided with the first day of Nowruz was in the city of Amed from northern Kurdistan, Kamal Kourkut from Mlatyh young man from the city Mlatyh who had gone to Amed to attend Nowruz was killed by Turkish troops.
March 17 2017 BC, a young kurdish 17 years old shot by the armed forces Turkish were lost their lives.
Human atrocities that every day in the “northern Kurdistan” happens “genocide” of a nation.
In the past 18 months in the northern Kurdistan 2 thousand  people were killed and  355 thousands displaced and 1,800 houses have been completely destroyed by the Turkish army.
March 10, 2017 BC chairman of the Joint Peoples Democratic Party branch in the city of Sirte Sirte Abdullah Cetin northern Kurdistan, was arrested at his home.
Unemployment and economic and social issues
Hassan Rouhani’s trip to Kurdistan, while unemployment in the province is more than 50%.
The highest unemployment rate with 24.4% Krmashan belong to the province of Kurdistan and the third tier is 20.5%.
Social breakdown / 16,000 thousand divorce / earthquake off East Kurdistan
Persian date Esfand 19 months staff education department also retired this office is poor their rights to protest beat the report says that in the city of Marivan more than 300, in the city of Sanandaj, about 500 Saqez 300, in Kermanshah more than 600 Employees and retirees of the department teachers as well as the Department of Education to protest the cities have.
The international community and Iran
Friday 24 March2017, be asked Unlike the Islamic Republic of Iran, the United Nations Human Rights Council voted Iran’s human rights mandate renewed.
UN Special Rapporteur on human rights in Iran and East Kurdistan releases. United Nations Special Rapporteur, reported Monday in connection with reported violations of human rights in Iran and to condition and poor prison conditions and an alarming level of executions in Kurdistan expressed concern. The report states that half of the civil and political prisoners in Iran, the Kurdish are.
Social and cultural rights
In big cities East Kurdistan implementation of any Nowruz ceremonies were banned. And while the accumulation of various security forces in the Islamic Republic of Iran in East Kurdistan, have Militarization space.
Following the broadcast of a television program on Channel 2 TV and radio were exhibited in 2017, the culture and the culture of disrespect and insult the people of Kurdistan.
Boroujerd in Lorestan province in Kurdistan East for 3 days due to desist waste of the city’s municipal workers have not been collected, they protest.
Students third grade girl named Narin child of Kamel from the village Karabad functions Sarvabad in East Kurdistan city nearly two months ago because of corporal punishment teacher was bleeding from the nose.
Death journalist Kurdish Nojian Erhan According to reports of human rights Kurdistan, journalist Kurdish “Tuba Akylmaz” known as “Nojian Erhan” that followed the attack Pyshmrk of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iraq on the third day in March 2017, according to the house Sur injured had lost their lives.
12 March 2017, 18 years old boy named “Aras Iilbigi” in the city of Marivan, hanged herself and his life has ended.
On “11 March” 18 years old boy called solar “Shadman Ebrahimi ” son osMohammad Ebrahimi , from the village of ” Takhtehzangi” functions Kamyaran in East Kurdistan with guns “high end” to his life ended.
17 years old Kurdish girl named “Shiva Pazhdam” Sarvqamysh functions from the village Bokan, due to the opposition of his father by continuing his education, by taking a few pills to end her life.
28 of February 2017, 20 years old  called “Soroush Marefat” in the neighborhood “Srqbran Saqez East Kurdistan ended his life by hanging himself.
Build an oil refinery in the city of Marivan by the Iranian government, Payam Nour University students to create movements led protests against the project.
According to a report by Kurdistan’s Human Rights Association, according to officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the threat of landmines in (706,250) hectares of land in East Kurdistan there.
In 2017, 55 people infected zones “mines” are casualties (18 killed and 37 wounded). In the last year (30 people were injured and 15 killed), respectively. Minesweeping Of these 14 patients, 8 patients were military and 23 civilians.
It should be noted that human Statistics mine in Qasr-e Shirin, since 2012 to 2017,a total of “34” killed and “241” were injured.
Security forces and military Islamic Republic of Iran in the past few months under the pretext of protecting national security and preventing the activities of Kurdish political parties in East Kurdistan, in the early summer of 2016 on the border of East and South Kurdistan attempted to landmines, which, in relation to the Association of Kurdish Human Rights Photos that these forces are planting mines were to be released.
Mined areas no barbed wire barriers and warning signs, such as risk-based tablets are infected zone.
Notable people in East Kurdistan!!!
Spring is coming again and again his domains Zagros rain. Mines and ambushes are those for picking up a mountain grasses for cattle and herbs and mushrooms and rhubarb and mint and so on. Go to the mountains and plains. And the risk of injury or death and damage to the people of Kurdistan East is worrying.
Kurdish political refugees in Finland delivery of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
According to information received by the Kurdistan  Human Rights Association”Soleyman Ebrahimpur” activists East Kurdistan, due to oppression security centers of the Islamic Republic, as well as lives, forced to leave their homes themselves, and for three years the wanderer Country Finland. He applied for asylum in this country has for several times.
Finland Court not only to grant asylum Soleyman Ebrahimpur not agree, but deportation warrant and surrender of a Kurdish political activist in the Islamic Republic of Iran has issued.
It is worth noting that he delivered if the Iranian authorities, his life will be threatened.
Human rights violations by the Islamic Republic of Iran has repeatedly faced with the reactions and protests from international institutions. UN and Europe Union each have published detailed reports of deplorable human rights situation in Iran.Have expressed their concern in this regard, but in practice they have not seen an objective response.
Kurdistan Human Rights Association expressed our concern at the plight of human rights and the widespread death, destruction Colbert, imprisonment and heavy prison sentences, the international community, the issue of human rights in Iran and East Kurdistan to consider the sacrifice issues and not political connections.
Kurdistan Human Rights Association

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