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torsdag 7 juni 2018

16 executions, three of which were public in May in Iran

Crimes against humanity in Iran by the Iranian religious dictatorship regime  continues

16 executions, three of which were public in May in Iran
The Iranian regime executed 16 individuals, three of whom publicly executed five death sentences during May. At least 57 prisoners in the Gohardasht prison are waiting for their execution to be executed as per the human rights watch data.

17 people were arbitrarily killed during the same period while the regime increased the pressure on political prisoners.

During the month of May, the regime has also stepped up its repressive action in a desperate attempt to quench the popular protests that continue throughout the country. Earlier in May, the regime's security forces opened fire against peaceful regime-critical demonstrations in the southwest of Kazerun.

The protests against the regime also include truck drivers' nationwide strike that commences on its 11th day. FFFI reported earlier that the strike is now spreading to other sectors. This since workers, taxi drivers, bus drivers and shop owners in several cities joined solidarity with lorry drivers and their protest against deterioration of living conditions and against the regime's repression.

According to reports from Iran, Iranian people, and especially the younger generation, continue to defy the regime's blocking of Telegram. They use the popular messaging service to organize protests, spread news as well as images and videos from the demonstrations.

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