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fredag 15 juni 2018

Israeli PM: We Have Targeted Iranian-Backed Militias in Syria

Israeli PM: We Have Targeted Iranian-Backed Militias in Syria.

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu said on Thursday that his country has targeted Iranian-backed Shi’ite Muslim militias in Syria, adding that "casting such actions as potentially helping to stem a Syrian Sunni Muslim refugee exodus to Europe," said a report.
He accused Tehran of bringing in 80,000 Shi'ite fighters from Pakistan and Afghanistan to Syria to fight against Israel and "convert Syria's Sunni majority, as cited by Reuters.
"That is a recipe for a re-inflammation of another civil war - I should say a theological war, a religious war - and the sparks of that could be millions more that go into Europe and so on ... And that would cause endless upheaval and terrorism in many, many countries," Netanyahu was quoted by Reuters while speaking at an international security forum.
"Obviously we are not going to let them do it. We’ll fight them. By preventing that - and we have bombed the bases of this, these Shi’ite militias - by preventing that, we are also offering, helping the security of your countries, the security of the world.

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