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söndag 10 juni 2018

Reactions from South Kurdistan: KDP greets the invaders

Reactions from South Kurdistan: KDP greets the invaders
Reactions continue to pour in from Bashur (South Kurdistan) against the invasion maneuvers of the Turkish sate. Politicians and representatives of institutions protested the greeting of invasion forces who defy international law and issued a warning.

As the Turkish state invasion against the Bradost region in Bashure (southern) Kurdistan and threats to invade Qandil and various other places continue, many website, newspapers and media organs in Bashur fail to report on them. The weekly Hawalnews newspaper from Kirkuk put the invasion on the first page in this week’s issue, and the people interviewed about the invasion agree that the invasion happened with support from a political force.
Iraqi MP from PUK (Patriotic Union of Kurdistan) Şivan Dawudi spoke to Hawalnews about the Turkish state invasions in Bashure Kurdistan and said: “Turkish forces develop their invasion attacks without any protest from the regional Kurdistan and central Iraqi governments. They attack with armored vehicles and equipment in a show of power. The lack of protest against them gives the impression that this is a kind of official pass. But that clearly means Tayyip Erdoğan putting his invading hand on Bashure Kurdistan. This is very dangerous for Bashur (South), Bakur (North), Rojhilat (East) and Rojava (West) Kurdistan as well as Iraq.”
Dawudi stated that the silence from international institutions, starting with the UN, is quite interesting and pointed out the following: “The UN closely monitors Iraq. They react to anything that happens in some fashion. But unfortunately the invasion attacks haven’t sparked any reaction at all. That makes one think.”
PUK Duhoq Province Spokesperson Bilınd Şali spoke about the invasion and said the Turkish invasion forces were greeted by “certain forces” (referring to the KDP) when they entered the bounds of the Duhoq province. Şali commented on the regional government’s recent statements and said: “Recently there were some statements made by the regional government. The statement says the Turkish forces entered the region because the PKK is there. This statement clarifies how the Turkish army forces were able to enter the region. This statement was made in the name of the regional government, but it’s not a government statement, it is one that comes from the KDP.”
Referring to the KDP, Şali said certain forces in Bashur directly or indirectly invited Turkish forces to Bashur.
Diler Mamati from the Bashure Kurdistani Government Committee for Genocide, Martyrs Families and Peshmerga stressed that there is no agreement between the peshmerga and the Turkish army forces entering Bashur territory for an invasion: “Turkish forces are entering the territory of a sovereign state for an invasion, going against international law. This lawlessness is deepening the crisis in the region. There is no agreement between the forces entering our lands for an invasion and the Peshmerga forces. There are some procedures that have been in place for a long time for border security. Border security used to be ensured by agreements that included sometimes a second, a third or occasionally a fourth party, but Turkey has abandoned all that and is pushing forces into our lands for an invasion.”

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