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tisdag 28 augusti 2018

Continuing Arrests of Environmental Activists in Kurdistan: Muslim Sobhani is Arrested

Continuing Arrests of Environmental Activists in Kurdistan: Muslim Sobhani is Arrested.

Muslim Sobhani, a civil activist, was arrested by the Sanandaj Intelligence Agency and transferred at an unknown location on Monday, August 20th, 2018.

I henhold til kampanjen for forsvaret af politiske og civile fanger, Sanandaj-aktivisten, Sobhani-muslimen, blev arresteret på mandag, august 20th, 2018, ved sikkerhedsstyrker, efter hans hussøgning og beslaglæggelse af hans personlige ejendele, og var overført til an unknown location.

No information is available on the reasons for the arrest and where this civilian activist is kept until the moment of this report.

An informant source told the campaign, "The intelligence agents entered Muslim Sobhani's home and office without a court order and searched all the household and office items. Efter deres søk og seizing hans personlige ejendele, de intelligensagenter arrested ham og tok ham bort. "

The source continues, "Due to the proximity of this arrest to the Eid Ghorban holiday, and despite the frequent pursuit of his family, there is still no knowledge of the reason for the arrest and whereabouts of Muslim Sobhani, and the family is concerned about his condition. "

In de afgelopen weken werden tientallen of militaire activisten gearresteerd door veiligheidswagens in Koerdistan, Kermanshah en Ilam.

In a similar case, Arman Ghafouri, environmental activist and geography student at Payam Nour University of Marivan, was arrested on July 30th, 2018 by Marivan Intelligence Officers. There is no information about him.

Arman Ghafouri, the secretary of the Marivan "Jingeh" Association Payam Nour, held several environmental conferences and wrote many articles on environmental issues in several daily and weekly papers.

For several years, he has been influential member of Anjoman Sabz Chia while fighting against the fires in Kurdish and Kermanshah cities.

He was previously arrested on March 12th, 2018, along with 10 other civil activists, for participating in convictions for the "Turkish Army Invasion of the Afrin City" and was eventually released on a 5 million Tomans bail.

Also, according to HH Ngawa Human Rights Report, Sahar Kazemi and Nigisa Shahbazi have both been arrested by security agencies in recent weeks and there is still no information available about their fate.

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