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tisdag 14 augusti 2018

Iran Civil rights activist Negisa Shahbazi has been forcibly disappeared

Iran Civil rights activist Negisa Shahbazi has been forcibly disappeared.

Civil rights activist Negisa Shahbazi has disappeared since August 1, 2018, when security forces arrested her. No information is available on her whereabouts.
The Iranian regime's security forces raided the residence of civil rights activist Negisa Shahbazi in Ilam and arrested her on Wednesday, August 1, 2018. Two weeks after the arrest of civil rights activist Negisa Shahbazi and persistent follow up by her family, no information has been made available on her fate and whereabouts.
An electrical engineer by profession, civil rights activist Negisa Shahbazi is also an active member of the “Cower” mountain climbing team in Ilam, who played a major role in extinguishing the recent fire of Kabir Kuh and criticized the Iranian government institutions for their inaction.
Earlier, Sahar Kazemi, a female civil and environmental activist and sports coach from Sanandaj, was detained on August 9, 2018, by the Ministry of Intelligence forces at her home and transferred to an unknown location.
Another civil rights activist, Zahra Modarres-Zadeh, was also arrested and detained along with her husband, Reza Bozorgmehr, on August 9 in Karaj. Security forces transferred Ms. Modarres-Zadeh and her husband to an unknown location.
Zahra Modarres-Zadeh is a supporter of Mohammad Ali Taheri. She had previously been arrested on November 21, 2015, and on February 7, 2018, along with other civil rights activists in gatherings outside Evin Prison. She had been sentenced to 91 days of imprisonment and 74 lashes.
More civil rights activists were arrested last year on bogus charges by security forces.
Kobra Khalandi, a civil rights activist, was arrested last September on charges of participating in a protest against the arbitrary killings of porters and was sentenced to two months and 15 days of imprisonment. Mrs. Najibeh Salehzadeh was also tried in March on charges of propaganda against the regime in the court of Saqqez.

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