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söndag 19 augusti 2018

Qasem Shesho the Kurdish Yazidi as a Traitor

yes massoud barzani is a big traitors

Qasem Shesho the Kurdish Yazidi as a Traitor
also treason against the Yazidi nation.
Qasem Shesho is currently working with the Turkish regime against the Kurdish people especially against Yazidi in Shengal.
Qasem Shesho leaves important information about Yazidi forces to Turkish intelligence service, Qasem Shesho is one of Barzani Party members that means Barzani himself is a traitor

We to avenge Mam Zeki, guarantee victory’
The General Command of Şengal Resistance Units (YBŞ) confirmed that targeting of the Yazidi community coordination Mam Zeki Şengali is a continuation of the massacre committed by IS mercenaries, and vowed to avenge Zeki and ensure victory.
The General Command of Şengal Resistance Units today issued a statement to the public regarding the targeting by the Turkish occupation army of Şengal areas and a member of the Yazidi community coordination Zeki Şengali.

The units said in their statement that three of their fighters were wounded when they were performing their duty of protection.

The statement said:

"On August15, in conjunction with the commemoration of the martyrs of the massacre of Kuju village, the Turkish army aircraft carried out an air raid In this attack, a member of the Coordination Council of the Yazidi community Mam Zeki Şengali martyred at 16:00, In this attack, three of our fighters, who were carrying out the duty of protection with the martyr Zeki Şengali, were wounded, and the Kuju massacres were repeated on August15 came from hostility mind to this people.

We, as YBŞ and Şengal Resistance Units- Women, affirm that we will hold accountable all those who collaborated with IS' Sultan Erdogan in this attack. We will avenge Mam Zeki.

It is also the parties concerned to determine their position on this attack. We will not stand idly by in front of this attack carried out by the Turkish state and its supporters. We will continue the struggle initiated by Mam Zeki. We will protect our people and our values ​​to the last drop of our blood. We will abide by the goals sought by Mam Zeki, we will guarantee the freedom of this land, we pledge to Zeki that we will struggle and ensure victory. We say to Zeki that we will fight enemies. "

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