French pRojbin in 50 photos
“Who dared murder Rojbin?” The story of 50 photos starts with this question
oet Paul Elouard’s words, “A man has died who had as his only defence his arms open to life” give a summary of a whole story.'

The small book of 35 pages has witness accounts from dozens of people. They all know Rojbin, they all have a story to tell.
Brittany Kurdish Friendship Association prepared a book titled “Rojbîna me” (“Our Rojbin”) to tell the story of Fidan Doğan (Rojbin), one of the three Kurdish revolutionary women who were murdered in Paris on January 9, 2013.
The association’s Honorary Chairperson André Metayer asked on January 10, 2013 “Who dared murder Rojbin?” and the book’s title poses the same question. Metayer says, “Rojbin was a true sun, shining her light beyond Kurdish society even.”
The book has stories about Rojbin’s life and its tragic end told by witnesses, along with photographs on every page. Beyond political protest, this is a story. A book dedicated to a woman of heart and faith. In short, the book of the righteous and of justice.
We meet a serious Rojbin, a laughing one, a smiling one, sometimes a surprised one and sometimes a friendly one with a warm gaze among the 50 photographs. This is the Rojbin her friends and society knew and loved.
National Solidarity Coordination with Kurdistan coordinator Joel Dutto said, “It will take a long time for the wound to heal, and it will leave a scar. But every time I see the flag with the three colors and the red star, I see her face and her hair dances in the wind like it did when she was looking at the sea in Marseille. The murderers have lost.”
France-Kurdistan Association Chairperson Sylvie Jan said, “We won’t ever forget (...) Freedom can’t be killed.”
And Rojbin’s father Hasan Doğan summarized her in a few words: “Fidan was natural, she had a pure heart. She loved to laugh, she had a great laugh.”
Rennes Mayor Daniel Delaveau’s call for a peaceful political solution to the Kurdish issue, Ille-et-Vilaine MP Marie-Anne Chapdelaine’s message that she “support(s) the cause” and quotes from many others expressing sorrow, fury, resolve, solidarity and fighting spirit are included in the book.
André Metayer said the witnesses in this small but loaded book flow towards a political awareness that includes a message, “I am taking over the flag”.
Metayer pointed out the appeal by the lawyers to reopen the case in light of the murder investigation and the emerging documents and said: “This case is not over. We’ve always said this, it can’t be closed off.”