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söndag 19 augusti 2018

Sherzad is harassed because of corruption and treachery

Shabat Shalom
Sherzad is harassed because of corruption and treachery
We in the representative of the Jews in the Ministry of Awqaf since the year we expelled this corrupt
Now we are collecting corruption files for this Muslim man
Now I am the representative of the Jewish religion in Kurdistan

Shirzad Omar Mahmoud is not Jewish, he is Muslim from a muslim family Haji Omar Mahmoud His dad he is not Jewish None of his rats belong to Jewish times,Shirzad Omar Mahmoud promised people in Kurdistan that he would get visa to Israel, but took a lot of money and left the Kurdistan when he had twenty money from peopleا
Those who live in Kurdistan have said Shirzad promised Turkish intelligence to spy against PKK members in Germany.
As information submitted to awqaf in Kurdistan Shirzad took many people's money and Shirzad promised the people that Shirzad Haji Omar Mahmoud would fix visa to Israel.
Ranj Cohin

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