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torsdag 30 augusti 2018

What do the Islamists in Malmö actually do?

What do the Islamists in Malmö actually do?
What Islamists do today in Malmö is a real spying
Islamic groups in Malmö have acquired a intelligence service group that is usually gathered at various Islamic associations in Malmö. They cooperate with Turkish intelligence service M: I: T
Where many learn how to photograph the people who are not Muslims or ex Muslims who changed their religion, live in malmo. They are usually photographed by the Islamic Security Group since they go to this place as they would gather or have a meeting when they direct people who are anti Muslims.
Siham is a girl from Syria, one of those who usually goes around, filming and photographing the people without permission without asking the people. we could catch her face with a small movie.
There will be more information when we finish investigations in the city of Malmö with investigations about what Islamists do and what plans do they have for doing something in Sweden in the future.

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