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söndag 19 augusti 2018

Turkish intelligence service’s plans against PJAK

Turkish intelligence service’s plans against PJAK
Photographs of PJAK and KODAR executives were published on social media with the allegation that a price was put on their head. The plan is reported to be of MİT.

Photographs and names of executives from PJAK (Kurdistan Free Life Party) and KODAR (Eastern Kurdistan Democratic and Free Society Movement) were recently published on Telegram and social media platforms with a claim that the Iranian government had put a price on their head to get them killed.
The Kurdish executives in question are PJAK Co-chair Zilan Vejin, KODAR Co-chairs Fuat Beritan and Zilan Tanya, PJAK Council members Amed Şaho, Baran Beritan, Mazlum Heftan and Hiva Agreş.
According to an article published by news site Rojname, which is close to Iran’s Spay Pasdaran forces, the plan belongs to Turkish intelligence service MİT. Accordingly, the Turkish state has prepared a list of PJAK and KODAR executives, like its list of PKK executives, and wants some of these people dead in order for the ceasefire made between Iran and PJAK in 2011 to end and a new conflict to start.
MİT reportedly seeks to put this plan into practice in areas held by PUK (Patriotic Union of Kurdistan) like Sulaymaniyah, Ranya, Sengaser and Qaledizê.
The news article states that the Turkish state wants to use PUK against the PKK like it has used KDP for a long time.

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