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lördag 8 juli 2017

4 people were executed in Urmiye Eastern Kurdistan by the Iranian brutal Islamic state

4 people were executed in Urmiye Eastern Kurdistan by the Iranian brutal  Islamic state
Names and characteristics of the executed:
1-Khalil Musa Kusi, son of Samad, from the village of Urmia
2. Mir Haj Abdi, son of Shukur, from Khelor village in Urmia
3- Sufi Kalunkzade Gangchin, son of Beymal, from the village of Larnacan, Urmia
4- Khairoddin Including, from Nazlou Behlvav Village in Urmia

1396/04/17 In the central prison of Orumieh, East Kurdistan, the execution of four people was executed.
In the news that one day before the execution of the four executions was executed, they were transferred to solitary confinement.
According to a source, the members of the family executed four people last night launched a protest movement against the execution of the death sentence, which were faced with the attacks of the intelligence and security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and that they were denied the right to use any means of communication (Mobile phones, camcorders).
According to official UN statistics, the Islamic Republic of Iran is among the first in the world to execute the death sentence.
However, there is a great deal of reflection on the fact that civil rights activists and international organizations have not yet clearly seamed this Iranian non-human rights approach to executions, and they are dealing with this in a conservative manner.

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